Nick Chavez (as played by Nicholas Rodriguez on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Nick Chavez

* Worked with Amelia Bennett to try to legalize same sex marriages.
* Was the victim of a hate crime.

Who's played Nick Chavez over the years?

Nicholas Rodriguez (August 17, 2009 - December 30 2009)

Past History

Nick arrived in Llanview and started dating Kyle Lewis, who was still hung up on his college sweetheart, Oliver Fish. After Kyle backed out of making a commitment to Nick, during Dorian Lord's same sex commitment ceremony, the two split, but Nick continued on his quest, along with Amelia Bennett, to fight for gay rights.

After Dorian was arrested for stamping her mayoral seal to legalize same sex marriages, Nick was brutally attacked outside of Rodi's and found himself the victim of Llanview's latest hate crime. He tried to create issues between Fish and Kyle but realized how much Kyle loved Fish - and left the canvas for good.

Flings and Relationships





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