Nate Salinger (as played by Lenny Platt on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Nate Salinger

* Was cast as Cole in Starr X'd Lovers.
* Showed an interest in Dani Rayburn.
* A rival to Matthew Buchanan.

Who's played Nate Salinger over the years?

Lenny Platt (April 12, 2010 - January 10, 2012)

Past History

Nate appeared in Llanview on April 12, 2010 and introduced himself to Matthew and Dani as the one who landed the role of Cole in Starr X'd Lovers. Though Dani seemed intrigued, Matthew appeared threatened that Nate would be spending so much time with Dani.

Nate and Dani grew close, which continued to infuriate Matthew. While things were good in Nate's love life, he was stunned to find out that Robert and James Ford were his brothers. Their father Eddie arrived in town and verbally abused them all. When Eddie came up dead, Nate took the rap, thinking Inez had killed him. He was released after evidence proved neither he nor his mother did it.

Nate, his brothers and Dani continued bonding. Nate and Dani toyed with having sex and were caught by Dani's father Todd. Even though they hadn't had sex, Todd flipped out, which caused Dani and Nate to hide out at Viki's cabin. Todd found them and ordered Dani home but was shot days later, which put a hold on any further uproar from the event.

The next challenge that Nate faced was when his father Eddie Ford appeared in Llanview. Nate wanted to kill Eddie, was arrested for his murder then let go. Nate overheard Dani and Destiny talking about how Matthew killed Eddie, which led Nate to punch Matthew. Matthew suffered brain damage from the fall, and Nate agreed to do a porno with Deanna after Rick blackmailed him with coming forward. During the "Vicker Man" premiere Rick replaced David's movie with the porno and exposed Nate, who admitted to Dani why he did it. Though Bo and Nora found out Nate caused Matthew's injury, they agreed to stay quiet, for fear Matthew would be revealed as Eddie's killer.

Flings and Relationships

Dani Rayburn
Deanna Forbes (blackmailed to make porno with)


Eddie Ford (father - deceased)
Inez Salinger (mother)
James Ford (brother)
Robert Ford (brother)




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