Moe Stubbs (as played by John Rue on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Moe Stubbs

* Owns the Bonjour Cafe in Paris, Texas.
* Gave Viki a job.
* Engaged to Noelle Ortiz.
* His cooking is admired by Dorian Lord.

Who's played Moe Stubbs over the years?

John Rue (October 22, 2007 - November 25 2009)

Past History

Moe first appeared on the scene when Viki Davidson went on a soul searching mission to Paris, Texas. Giving Viki a job at his Bon Jour Cafe, Moe was known as a tough boss, but later became a good friend and softy to many!

After many months of arguing with his waitress, Noelle Ortiz, about the annual bake-off, Moe finally admitted his feelings for her and proposed!

Though Moe has roots in Texas, he and Noelle visited Llanview for Thanksgiving in 2008, and everyone hopes that he'll make a home there for good!

Flings and Relationships





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