Matthew Buchanan (Past) (as played by Eddie Alderson on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Matthew Buchanan (Past)

* Resides with his mom Nora at the Buchanan mansion.
* His mother was carried through a snow storm and arrived at the hospital just in time for his birth.
* Known to take the wrong advice from Starr Manning a time or two.
* Sat by his mother's bedside while she laid in a coma for months.
* Bought a joint at school.
* Stole drugs from Cole Thornhart's locker.
* Was paralyzed after being involved in a car accident with Cole Thornhart.
* Took his parents to court to be emancipated.
* Escaped a London boarding school with Dani Rayburn.
* Was befriended by Destiny Evans.
* Killed Eddie Ford.
* Had unprotected sex with Destiny.

Who's played Matthew Buchanan (Past) over the years?

Eddie Alderson (May 2001 - January 13, 2012)

Past History

Being born in 1999 as Matthew Rappaport, the truth wasn't unveiled until 2003 that Mathew wasn't the son of Sam and Nora but rather of Nora and Bo Buchanan! In 2001, Dr. Troy MacIver diagnosed and saved Matthew from a rare muscle disorder causing Matthew and the doctor to bond into good buddies. Matthew's mother also developed admiration for Troy. However, soon it would come out that Troy's obsession with Nora would cause him to do all sorts of crazy things, even kidnap Matthew! In the end, Matthew was saved and survived the incident with little trauma.

Throughout his young childhood, Matthew has looked up to his best friend Starr Manning and has found himself in trouble a time or two after following in Starr's overly ambitious footsteps through plots filled with ways to get his parents back together and to running away as a means to gain some quick attention.

Now in high school, and dealing with peer pressure, Matthew was caught with a joint by his mom and dad then continued down the path of adolescence after stealing pills from Cole's locker! Though Matthew promised Cole he'd never do drugs, he has a tough time trying to fit in, especially being the son of the Police Commissioner - and the District Attorney - and ended up paralyzed after a car accident where Cole was driving under the influence!

After months of fighting his parents, to allow him to have a surgery in order to walk again, Matthew, with the help of his best friend Destiny, was granted permission by a judge - but was kidnapped by Bo and Nora and sent to a boarding school in London! Matthew met Dani Rayburn there, and while the two escaped the school, Matthew found out that Dani was Tea's daughter. Matthew finally had the surgery and began to regain some feeling in his legs during Thanksgiving of 2009 when Destiny dropped a fork on his legs.

Matthew regained feeling in his legs and changed after losing Dani to Nate. His arrogance blossomed after Matthew went to work for his Uncle Clint at Buchanan Enterprises. Clint filled his head with lies about Bo and Nora, which turned Matthew against his father. During this time, thinking Nora was having an affair with Eddie Ford, Matthew went to Eddie's motel room and ended up shooting him. Matthew confided in Destiny and the two had unprotected sex. Matthew wanted to go to the police, but Nora convinced him to stay quiet about the murder. Word got out to a few people and when it reached Nate, he confronted Matthew with a punch. Matthew fell, hit his head and ended up in a coma.

Though Matthew went in and out of the comma, he finally came to for good in November 2011 and was stunned to see that Destiny was pregnant.

Flings and Relationships

Destiny Evans (lost virginity to)
Dani Rayburn (dated)
Becca (crush)


Bo Buchanan (father)
Nora Hanen (mother)
Drew Buchanan (paternal half-brother - deceased)
Rachel Gannon (maternal half-sister)
Asa Buchanan (paternal grandfather)
Olympia Buchanan (paternal grandmother - deceased)
Lenny Hanen (maternal grandfather)
Selma Hanen (maternal grandmother)
Clint Buchanan (paternal uncle)
Susannah Hanen (maternal aunt)
Ben Davidson (paternal half-uncle - deceased)
Cordero Roberts (paternal cousin)
Rex Balsom (cousin)
Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (paternal cousin by adoption)
Joseph Buchanan (paternal cousin by adoption)
Jessica Buchanan (paternal cousin by adoption)
Natalie Buchanan (paternal cousin)
Duke Buchanan (paternal first cousin by adoption - deceased)
Kevin Buchanan Jr. (paternal first cousin by adoption - deceased)
Megan Buchanan (paternal first cousin by adoption - deceased)
Brennan Buchanan (paternal first cousin by adoption)
Zane Buchanan (paternal first cousin by adoption)
Shane Morasco (cousin)


Drew (son with Destiny Evans)


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