Marty Saybrooke Thornhart (as played by Susan Haskell on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Marty Saybrooke Thornhart

* Was known in college as the 'party girl'.
* Was raped in college by Todd Manning.
* Testified in Spencer Truman's defense, which in turn led to his mistrial.
* Presumed dead after an explosion.
* Nursed back to health by Lee Ramsey and Todd Manning.
* Slept with Todd while suffering from amnesia.

Who's played Marty Saybrooke Thornhart over the years?

Susan Haskell (1992 - September 1997; 2004; 2005; June 11, 2008 - June 6, 2011)
Christina Chambers (November 2006 - December 4, 2007)

Past History

Ever since she first came to town in 1992, Marty Saybrooke has had a hard time fitting in. In her earlier years, Marty found friendship and later love in Reverend Andrew Carpenter. When he didn't return her affectionate feelings, Marty turned around and made everyone believe that Andrew was having a gay affair with a younger churchgoer, causing him and his family much embarrassment.

However, it wasn't until her college years that Marty endured the brutal gang rape, led by Todd Manning, that destroyed her life and shattered her self-esteem. With the help of her husband, Patrick Thornhart, she was able to put her life back together and leave Llanview behind.

Marty returned to Llanview in 2007 to raise her son and to try to put the demons of her past behind her. Just when it appeared she had done so - and had found love again in John McBain - Marty was kidnapped by someone looking for information surrounding her dead husband Patrick and was presumed dead after the van she was located in exploded.

However, she's not dead after all - and has been held at Todd's old penthouse by Lee Ramsey, the same man who caused her 'presumed death'! After Lee was murdered, Todd scooped Marty up and took care of her for months at his estate. Just when Marty fell in love with and made love to Todd, John McBain appeared crashing through her bedroom window - and told Marty everything!

It took Todd finally confessing to make Marty believe what John was saying, and Marty was left to face her past - one she didn't remember, including her son, Cole!

However, after being kidnapped by Powell Lord, while being confined with Todd, Todd helped Marty remember everything - even Cole! With everything now clear in her mind, Marty tried putting her life back together and wanted nothing more than to reconnect with John McBain. Her and John did just that and even got pregnant. Though John vowed to spend his life with her, Marty had issues with John's past connection to Natalie. The final blow came when Marty was pushed down the stairs, by Eli, and lost her baby. She couldn't emotionally continue on with John and threw her time into work and being there for her son.

After Cole killed Eli and was sent to prison, Marty began losing touch with reality and blaming her loss on Natalie. Marty found out Natalie had slept with Brody and was carrying his baby. Though she tried to tell John numerous times, Natalie managed to stop her - and even kidnapped Marty, where she was forced to deliver Natalie's baby.

When the truth came out, Marty had already been sent to St. Ann's, and no one was aware that Marty had been in the lab on the night Jessica and Natalie's paternity tests were tampered with.

After John got Marty released, she confessed her secret to Dr. Buhari, who she ended up killing. Marty's session tape landed in Natalie's hands, who planned to expose Marty. However, Marty pushed Natalie over the Angels Square Motel roof and kidnapped Liam. She went on to blackmail Todd into letting her hide in his pool house. Fearing Marty would out his and Tomas' secret, they made Marty believe that Patrick was alive and shipped her off on a plane with the man believed to be her dead husband.

Flings and Relationships

John McBain
Todd Manning
Andrew Carpenter


David Saybrooke (father - deceased)
Samantha Saybrooke (mother - deceased)
Kiki Saybrooke (paternal aunt)


Unborn Child (miscarriage with John McBain)
Cole Thornhart (son with Patrick)
Hope (granddaughter through Cole and Starr)


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