Lindsay Rappaport (as played by Catherine Hickland on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Lindsay Rappaport

* Single.
* Resides with Bo Buchanan.
* Imprisoned but she later escaped.
* Had her prison sentence pardoned after saving the Governor's granddaughter.
* Shot and killed her ex-husband.
* Her only daughter was murdered.

Who's played Lindsay Rappaport over the years?

Catherine Hickland (May 1998 - July 31, 2009; January 4, 2012 - January 6, 2012)

Past History

Lindsay Rappaport followed her ex-husband Sam to town in 1998. Being married to a lawyer who had loved Nora Hanen all his life, Lindsay spent her marriage never being able fill the void in his heart that Sam had for Nora.

Lindsay's vengeance made Nora's life a living hell. She broke up her longtime marriage to Bo Buchanan by exposing Nora's affair with Lindsay's ex-husband Sam, then went on to switch the paternity results making it look as though Nora's baby was Sam's. Years went by and Lindsay's jealousy of Nora continued to grow. When the opportunity arouse, Lindsay kidnapped Nora and erased her memory landing Lindsay in prison.

It wasn't until her daughter Jennifer was murdered that Lindsay turned her life around and put her manipulative past behind her. However, old habits are hard to break, so it wouldn't be safe to count Lindsay's scheming days as gone!

In fact, she went on to murder Spencer Truman in an attempt to prevent Michael and Marcie McBain from losing their son Tommy, which was really the son of Todd Manning!

Although Lindsay got off on an insanity plea, her 'faked insanity' came back to haunt her after Nora found a letter addressed to Lindsay from RJ, saying he'd keep her secret! Just as she was about to marry Bo - again - Nora interrupted with the truth, then arrested Lindsay the next day for the murder of Spencer Truman - double jeopardy need not apply!

Flings and Relationships

Colin MacIver
Troy MacIver
Daniel Colson


Melanie Farrell (sister)
Dennis Farrell (father)
Megan Buchanan (granddaughter - deceased)


Will Rappaport (son with Sam)
Jennifer Rappaport (daughter with Sam - deceased)
Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Bo_Buchanan)


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