Lee Ramsey (as played by Hunt Block on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Lee Ramsey

* Is an FBI Agent.
* Knows Todd Manning and John McBain.
* Stole the jewels of Mandorra.
* Held Marty Thornhart captive after her presumed death, which he caused!

Who's played Lee Ramsey over the years?

Hunt Block (October 16, 2007 - June 12, 2008)

Past History

An FBI Agent with a mysterious past, Lee Ramsey arrived in Llanview on October 18, 2007! He constantly knocked heads with his rival John McBain, and ultimately was responsible for Marty Thornhart's death after actively, and recklessly pursuing a case, which he did often.

It turned out that Marty never really died in the van explosion, and Lee had held her captive for months, claiming that once she got well enough he'd return her to those she loved - with hopes of getting his own life back, and his job with the FBI.

However, during Lee's last scheme involving the stolen jewels of Mandorra, he was shot dead by two unknown men after making the money exchange with Tina Lord, leaving his web of lies - and Marty behind.

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