Layla Williamson (as played by Tika Sumpter on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Layla Williamson

* Lived as an actress in Los Angeles.
* Stole files from John McBain proving that Cris Vega was alive.
* Posed as Antonio Vega's girlfriend to help him win custody of his daughter Jamie.
* Started a lingerie business with Adriana Cramer.

Who's played Layla Williamson over the years?

Tika Sumpter (July 15, 2005 - November 10, 2010; January 21 and 24, 2011)

Past History

When Layla showed up on her sister Evangeline's doorstep in 2005, she was an aspiring actress in search of a new start after dealing with the many disappointments of Hollywood. After finding Llanview to be a great place to settle down in, this once star bound girl transformed into a fun loving, spontaneous woman who is known to be always there for friends and family.

Finding love in Vincent Jones was Layla's hardest lesson yet. After ruining her sister's boyfriend's reputation, Layla closed the door on her and Vincent's relationship in an attempt to do the right thing.

After moving in with her best friend Adriana Cramer, the two women put together a lingerie company. Layla now spends most of her time at the sewing machine making creation after creation for her new undergarment line.

With Adriana now in Paris, and her other BFF Sarah gone, Layla tried to find her place in Llanview, and currently found herself butting heads with her sister's ex, Cris Vega - about her lack of abilities to keep a man.

Nevertheless, both in a financial bind, Cris moved in with Layla then they welcomed Oliver Fish, who Layla began dating, as a third roommate. The truth came out that Oliver was gay and though Layla had a hard time with the deception at first she became Fish's biggest supporter.

Layla and Cris Vega started dating and even ended up engaged. The hardest time in Layla's life came when she was forced to accept that Evangeline wouldn't come out of her coma. She and her mother accepted Vange's wishes in her living will and had her removed from life support.

Upon her return to Llanview Layla found a file on Bennett Thompson in Evangeline's belongings.

Ambitious and full of dreams, Layla is now working as an assistant in a Paris fashion house, which is a job she chose over her relationship with Cris.

Flings and Relationships

Mr. Williamson (father - deceased)
Lisa Williamson (mother)
Evangeline Williamson (sister- deceased)
Clay Williamson (uncle)
Cheryl (aunt)
Toni (cousin)
Brenda (cousin)
Henry (cousin)




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