Kristine Karr (as played by Terri Conn on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Kristine Karr

* Took on Cutter's sister's name to help him scam, Aubrey Wentworth.
* Befriended Kelly Cramer.
* Slept with Robert Ford in Venice.
* Engaged to Joey Buchanan.

Who's played Kristine Karr over the years?

Terri Conn (on contract November 29 - December 29, 2011)

Past History

Aubrey arrived in Llanview after a flight from London, where she and Kelly Cramer commiserated over the man in their lives. When she arrived in Llanview, Joey Buchanan met her at the airport. Joey and Aubrey's relationship started while Joey had been traveling Europe.

Kelly and Aubrey continued their new found friendship, and Aubrey even ran into someone she knew in Llanview. Robert Ford, who she had slept with during a film festival in Venice.

After Kelly and Aubrey primped before heading out to meet 'their man', Joey proposed to Aubrey in front of his parents. Though Aubrey initially turned him down, she later accepted after finding out that Joey was the long lost love who Kelly was trying to get back together with.

A man named Cutter arrived in town, one who was revealed to be Aubrey's lover who was helping her scam Joey out of his millions. After Kelly found a photo of Aubrey and Cutter clubbing in a French magazine, she showed Joey - but Aubrey claimed Cutter was her brother.

Aubrey managed to blackmail Clint, who'd taped her and Cutter together in bed, and got Joey to marry her. She also promised her college friend Rama money if she stayed quiet about her new identity. However, the truth finally came out, and Joey left Aubrey.

Even though Cutter wanted Aubrey back, she refused him. He called out to her by her real name, Kristine Karr, and reflected on their past... How in love they were when they first met and how he convinced her to fill in as his sister, who he used to pull scams off with.

Flings and Relationships

Joey Buchanan (engaged)
Robert Ford (slept with in Venice)






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