Kevin Buchanan (as played by Dan Gauthier on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Kevin Buchanan

* Has a love interest in Kelly Cramer.
* Was accused of raping Marty Saybrooke.
* Paid Rex Balsom to divorce his brother's lover Jen Rappaport.
* Had a fling with Blair Cramer.
* Became a heavy drinker after the death of his oldest son Duke.
* Was given a drug by Spencer Truman which caused him to become sterile.
* Resides in London with Kelly Cramer and her baby Zane.

Who's played Kevin Buchanan over the years?

Dan Gauthier (2003 - November 2006; August 2007; October 20, 2009 for three episodes; off and on from March 2, 2010 to November 10, 2010)
Timothy Gibbs (1998 to March 2001)
Kevin Stapleton (1996 to 1998)
Ken Kenitzer (1995)
Jack Armstrong (1994 to 1995)
Kirk Geiger (1992 to 1994)
Joey Thrower (1991 to 1992)
Matthew Vipond (1990 to 1991)
Ryan Janis (1982 to 1990)
Chris Cunningham (1981 to 1982)
Morgan K. Melis (1976 to 1981)

Past History

Born in 1976, Kevin lost his father at a very young age. Eventually Clint Buchanan married Viki and adopted all her children and raised them as his own. Although Kevin's first relationship was with the niece of mob boss Carlo Hesser, his first love was with Lee Ann Demerest. Together they had a child, Duke, but found that their young love couldn't survive. LeeAnn took Kevin's son and moved to Texas.

College years weren't kind to Kevin. While dating the daughter of District Attorney Hank Gannon, Kevin was accused of raping Marty Saybrooke. Although, Marty finally admitted that Kevin didn't take part in Todd Manning's gang rape, his relationship with Rachel dwindled.

Wanting to follow in his parent's footsteps, Kevin became a reporter and took off to London on his first big assignment in 1995. Upon his return to Llanview, Kevin became an investigative reporter and soon found himself competing with rival Cassie Carpenter. Although Cassie was married to Andrew Carpenter at the time, the two couldn't fight the passion brewing between them and made love! Cassie soon left her husband and she and Kevin married. Developing into quite the ladies man, not knowing she was a crazed woman, Kevin had an affair with nurse Barbara Graham! After Cassie found out, Barbara almost killed her causing Cassie to go insane. Her mother Dorian Lord had their marriage annulled, shipped Cassie to a hospital in Switzerland and has hated Kevin ever since!

Just when Kevin fell in love with a beautiful woman named Grace, she became the victim of a drowning accident leaving Kevin to grieve another loss. Having been the best friend of Kelly Cramer, Kevin and Kelly found comfort in each other, which ultimately made Kelly's ex-boyfriend, Kevin's brother, Joey jealous and running right back into Kelly's arms!

During a drunken night in 1999, Kelly and Kevin almost made love, but thought it was best not to tell Joey. Although Kelly and Joey married, Kevin couldn't fight his feelings for Kelly. With Kelly feeling the same, she ended her marriage to Kevin's brother to engage in a relationship with Kevin. Having hurt Joey badly, he moved to London, and Kelly and Kevin soon moved to Texas to be closer to Kevin's son Duke.

In 2003, when Kevin returned to Llanview 'before' Kelly, it became known that their marriage had been in trouble and Kevin spilled the beans that Kelly had had an affair in Texas. Just as Kevin was about to divorce her, Kelly got pregnant. Although told that she could die if she gave birth, Kelly risked her life to have Kevin's baby. Little did Kevin know, Kelly had lost their baby at a hospital outside of Llanview, and sought the help of her brother Paul Cramer who miraculously found her another baby to pass off as Kevin's!

Kelly brought the baby home and presented Kevin with a son. It wasn't until their marriage ended and Kevin won custody of the boy that Kelly realized the baby needed his real mother. Pine Valley's Babe Chandler! Although it broke his heart, Kevin accepted the truth and gave the baby back.

Though Kevin and Kelly continued on and off to maintain an unhealthy relationship, their biggest challenge yet would come when Kelly slept with Kevin's son Duke in the heat of the moment after Kevin viciously told her they were over! Duke ended up dying in a tornado and Kelly ended up pregnant with Duke's baby! It took Kevin a longtime to accept this but eventually realized that he wanted to help Kelly raise baby Zane as his own.

With all the bad memories of the past lingering in Llanview, Kelly and Kevin moved to London in November 2006 to make a fresh start!

In August 2007, Kevin return to Llanview for Asa's funeral then headed back to London, where Bo and Nora visited him, along with Matthew who they tricked into going, in October 2009 while trying to prevent Matthew from having a life-threatening surgery.

Kevin returned to Llanview briefly for his father's wedding to Kim. His sister Natalie later visited him in London to vent about her issues with Marty and John. Kelly arrived next, and Kevin gave her advice about her lingering feelings for Joey.

Flings and Relationships

Grace Davidson
Barbara Graham
Tea Delgado
Andy Harrison
Rachel Gannon
Stephanie Hobart


Joseph Riley (biological father -deceased)
Victoria Lord (mother)
Clint Buchanan (father by adoption)
Megan Riley (biological half-sister - deceased)
Cordero Roberts (paternal brother by adoption)
Megan Gordon (maternal half-sister - deceased)
Joey Buchanan (brother)
Jessica Buchanan (maternal half-sister)
Natalie Buchanan (maternal half-sister)
Rex Balsom (half-brother by adoption)
Victor Lord (grandfather)
Eugenia Randolph (grandmother)
Asa Buchanan (grandfather - deceased)
Olympia Buchanan (mother - deceased)
Eileen Riley (biological aunt)
Tom Dennison (biological uncle)
Bo Buchanan (paternal uncle by adopton)
Ben Davidson (paternal half-uncle by adoption/step-father)
Tony Lord (maternal half-uncle)
Tina Clayton Lord (maternal half-aunt)
Todd Manning (maternal uncle)
Meredith Lord (maternal half-aunt - deceased)
Timothy Siegel (biological cousin - deceased)
Julie Siegel (biological cousin)
Mari Lynn Dennison (biological cousin - deceased)
Brian Kendall (maternal half-cousin)
Starr Manning (cousin)
Jack Manning (cousin)
Thomas John McBain (maternal half-cousin)
Daniel Wolek (maternal half-cousin)
Clinton James Roberts (maternal half-cousin)
Drew Buchanan (cousin by adoption - deceased)
Matthew Buchanan (cousin by adoption)
Sarah Victoria Roberts (half-cousin)
Megan Victoria Buchanan (half-niece - deceased)
Brennan Buchanan (half-niece)
Shane Morasco (nephew)


Demerest "Duke" Buchanan (son with LeeAnn - deceased)
Kevin Riley Buchanan Jr. (son with Kelly - stillborn)
Zane Buchanan (grandson)


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