Jamie Vega (as played by Saoirse Scott on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Jamie Vega

* Lives with her father Antonio.
* Was caught in a custody battle between Antonio and RJ.
* Witnessed Jessica kissing Nash!

Who's played Jamie Vega over the years?

Saoirse Scott (2005 - March 25, 2009)
Daryn and Leah Thomson (2004 - 2005)
Unknown babies

Past History

Little Jamie Vega is the apple of her father's eye. After losing her mother as a baby, Jamie was in a constant custody battle between Antonio and her grandfather RJ Gannon. In the end, Jamie was awarded to her father and the two men have since put their differences aside for the sake of Jamie's happiness.

Although we don't see Jamie much, the scariest part of her young life thus far had to have been getting trapped in RJ's apartment after Tess (portraying Jess) accidentally started the place on fire!

Always having looked to Jessica as a mom, Jamie was so happy when she married her dad but was let down again after they divorced over Jessica's love for Nash.

With her daddy's new girlfriend, Talia, in her life, Jamie enjoyed spending time with her family - especially visiting her grandmother Carlotta at the diner!

However, after Talia's murder, Antonio took Jamie away from Llanview.

Flings and Relationships



Antonio Vega (father)
Keri Reynolds (mother - deceased)
RJ Gannon (grandfather)
Elizabeth Coleman (grandmother - deceased)
Janine Gannon (grandmother - deceased)
Hank Gannon (great uncle)
Rachel Gannon (cousin)
Isabella Santi (biological grandmother - deceased)
Carlotta Vega (adoptive grandmother)
Diego Vega (adoptive grandfather - deceased)
Manuel (Espinoza) Santi I (grandfather - deceased)
Augustico Santi (uncle uncle - deceased)
Sonia Toledo (aunt by adoption)
Adriana Cramer (aunt)
Cristian Vega (uncle)




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