James Ford (as played by Nic Robuck on One Life To Live)

Useful information about James Ford

* Shadowed by mystery.
* Was physically abused by his father.
* Hid out with Starr Manning.

Who's played James Ford over the years?

Nic Robuck (June 9, 2010 - January 11, 2012)

Past History

James mysteriously arrived in Llanview on June 9, 2010. He ran into Starr and Hope in the park where she admitted some of her problems to this new stranger.

He made his way to the hospital to visit his brother Ford and admitted he was in trouble. James was forced to flee when a man appeared and chased after him. He found Starr in the parking garage, helped her fix her car then drove away with her and Hope. After he got Starr and Hope far enough away from the man he let them go. James went in search of a hidden briefcase but found it empty. He had no idea Nate and Dani had taken the $50,000 that had been in it. When he called Starr the man answered her cell, having found it in the parking garage, and warned James to return the money or he'd hurt Starr!

With danger looming over them, James saved Starr from Hannah, who'd been obsessed with Cole. Cole thought Starr and Hope had died, blamed Eli Clark then shot him. Cole was sent to jail, and James tried to be there for Starr.

James and Starr grew close, despite her ongoing relationship with Cole. His father Eddie arrived in town a little after James had reunited with his mother Inez and brother Nate. Eddie abused James and warned him to get his money back. Ford was able to get the money from Clint and paid off Eddie. While trying to get Eddie out of town, everyone was shocked when he came up murdered.

James and Starr tried fighting their feelings for months. Finally, after dating Michelle, James and Starr admitted how much they cared for each other. Starr ended things with Cole and started dating James.

A kink was thrown into their newfound happiness when James' ex, Deanna, came to town looking to rekindle her relationship with James.

Flings and Relationships

Inez Salinger (mother)
Robert Ford (brother)
Nate Salinger (brother)




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