Inez Salinger (as played by Jessica Leccia on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Inez Salinger

* Left her sons Ford and James due to her abusive husband.
* Was given stolen cash by her son Nate to pay bills.
* Confided in Bo Buchanan after he pulled her over.

Who's played Inez Salinger over the years?

Jessica Leccia (June 18, 2010 - May 4, 2011)

Past History

Inez arrived in Llanview in 2010 as a struggling mother to Nate. Nate gave her some stolen cash he had found in the woods to help with their family's financial troubles. It soon became known that Inez was actually Ford and James' mother who was forced to abandon them as kids due to her abusive husband.

Though James didn't recognize her when Inez returned the money that belonged to him Ford pushed Inez away and refused to forgive her. Feeling desperate she confided in Bo Buchanan after he pulled her over for erratic driving.

Bo felt sorry for Inez and gave her a job as his assistant. Little by little, Inez got her sons to give her and Nate the time of day. They grew closer when her husband Eddie Ford came to town. Desperate to get rid of Eddie, Inez allowed Clint to blackmail her into seducing Bo. When she finally came clean to Bo and Nora that she'd drugged Bo but didn't sleep with him, Eddie had been murdered. Inez and Nate were cleared of all charges when they proved to be suspects.

Flings and Relationships



James Ford (son)
Nate Salinger (son)
Robert Ford (son)
Ryder (grandson)


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