Hank Gannon (as played by Nathan Purdee on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Hank Gannon

* His brother RJ had an affair with his wife Nora.
* Had a very sexy romantic fling with Carlotta Vega.
* Supported his niece Keri since she was a baby.
* Never told his brother that RJ had a daughter.

Who's played Hank Gannon over the years?

Nathan Purdee (1992 - 2003; April 1, 2009 - April 8, 2009)

Past History

Hank Gannon showed up in Llanview as the straight and narrow District Attorney in 1992. Though he had a rough childhood, he excelled in football and went to college - unlike his brother RJ, who turned to a life of crime and always felt as though he lived in his brother's shadow.

Marrying his first love while attending college, Nora and Hank had a daughter, only to divorce when Rachel was a small child. Hank and Nora remained friends, and he even overcame the news that Nora had had an affair with RJ during their marriage - though it took a lot of time.

During Hank's time as District Attorney in Llanview, he prosecuted some of the biggest criminals including Carlo Hesser, Todd Manning, and Dorian Lord, and he even presided as prosecutor during the Marty Saybrooke rape case - opposite his ex-wife Nora! When RJ tried to destroy Hank's career, by setting him up as a witness to a murder, Hank resigned his position - until Bo Buchanan, Hank's best friend, proved that RJ doctored the taped evidence!

During 1995, Hank and his girlfriend, nurse Shelia Price, married, but since Hank didn't want any more children, they divorced after Shelia announced she was pregnant - only to have her miscarry the baby in the end.

In 1998, Hank dealt with the toughest time in his career when proof came that his daughter Rachael had murdered Georgie Phillips. However, after a brief run from the law with Nora, Rachael came forward and confessed and did six months in Statesville.

Hank and Carlotta Vega had a very strange, but charismatic, love affair. Though they had plenty of great sex and appeared to be in love, Carlotta turned down Hank's marriage proposal, leaving him to move on to Detective Lisa West of the Llanview PD, which didn't result in anything more than a fling.

When the secret came out that Hank had hid the fact that RJ had a daughter for years, and had been sending money to Keri's mother to support her, RJ was furious with his brother! Hank reminded RJ of the life of crime he lived, said he didn't want that for Keri, and the two finally were able to move on civilly for the sake of Keri. However, their relationship has always been a tension-filled one.

Although we haven't seen Hank since he left town in 2003, he briefly returned to Llanview on April 1, 2009.

Flings and Relationships

Carlotta Vega
Lisa West


Janine Gannon (mother - deceased)
RJ Gannon (brother)
Keri Reynolds (niece - deceased)
Jamie Vega (niece)


Rachel Gannon (daughter with Nora Hanen)


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