Evangeline Williamson (as played by Renee Goldsberry on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Evangeline Williamson

* Had a love interest in Cristian Vega.
* Won Llanview Woman of the Year award.
* Kidnapped by the Killing Club Killer.
* Convinced the Governor to give Cristian Vega a full pardon after being wrongfully accused.
* Proved Todd Manning innocent of murdering Margaret Cochran.
* Had her heart broken by John McBain.
* Suffered temporary blindness while injured in a tornado.
* Was taken off of life support after deemed brain dead while in a coma.

Who's played Evangeline Williamson over the years?

Renee Goldsberry (February 2003 - May 21, 2007)

Past History

In 2003, the criminals of Llanview were in for a rude awakening when Evangeline Williamson blew into town. Articulate and strong-willed, this hotshot attorney has helped those she's believed in and has fought with all she's had for justice.

She single-handedly got Cristian Vega released from prison on a murder charge and believed in Todd Manning's innocence right up to his 'close-call' execution.

Suffering a broken heart after her relationship with Detective John McBain went south, Evangeline has finally found a reciprocated love in Cristian Vega! However, that relationship didn't last as long as we would've hoped, and Evangeline ended up in a coma after being one of the targets of another serial killer.

In 2010 doctors deemed Evangeline brain dead and her sister and mother granted her wishes in her living will to have Evangeline taken off of life support.

Flings and Relationships

Mr. Williamson (father - deceased)
Lisa Williamson (mother)
Layla Williamson (sister)
Clay Williamson (uncle)
Cheryl (aunt)
Toni (cousin)
Brenda (cousin)
Henry (cousin)




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