Elijah Clarke (as played by Matt Walton on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Elijah Clarke

* Lawyer to Bo and Nora Buchanan.
* Knew Tea Delgado's secret.
* Dropped his last name 'Rayburn' and used his middle name 'Clarke'.
* AKA Bennett Thompson.
* Serial killer.
* Was killed by Cole Thornhart.

Who's played Elijah Clarke over the years?

Matt Walton (August 7, 2009 - October 26, 2010)

Past History

Elijah arrived in Llanview to represent Bo and Nora Buchanan in their counter suit against their son Matthew. After a few strange phone calls, and a hidden warning to Tea Delgado, Elijah appeared to be hiding a secret of his own.

He later fell in love with Blair Cramer, who had no idea Eli had a much deeper secret... That he was in fact Bennett Thompson, the man who killed Melinda Cramer, a few other people and practically beat Ford silly. He also pushed Marty down the stairs, which Hannah O'Connor witnessed, then forced Hannah to down some pills.

Hannah made it through the apparent suicide attempt and with Kelly, John, Rex, Natalie and Brody on his tail Eli was trying his hardest to hide his true identity. However, just as Eli had married Blair, she confronted him about who he truly was. Eli admitted the truth to Blair then staged his death in Tahiti.

Eli reappeared at St. Kitts and was happy to find that Greg had gotten rid of Tea, like he ordered. However, Greg only made Eli believe he'd followed his blackmailing orders. Before going on the warpath, Eli made it so Ross was granted custody of Dani then tried to kill Greg, who planned to stop Eli from hurting anyone else - or from exposing Greg's deepest secret.

Even though Eli didn't succeed in killing Greg, he did kill Ross then kidnapped Starr, Dani and Hope. When Tea escaped the room at Cherryvale, she ran straight into Eli who let his plan be known. Starr and Hope managed to escape but Eli took Tea and Dani hostage in a warehouse.

After the ransom meeting had been set, Blair agreed to wait in a van for Eli, who let Dani go. However, when Eli found the van empty, he let off a bomb inside the warehouse then was detained and arrested. While everyone went in search of survivors, Cole, thinking Starr and Hope had died in the explosion, shot Eli in cold blood.

Flings and Relationships

Ross Rayburn (brother)




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