Eddie Ford (as played by John Wesley Shipp on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Eddie Ford

* An abusive husband and father.
* Ran a chop shop.
* Came to Llanview to taunt his sons into returning the money James stole from him.
* Kidnapped Nora for Clint.
* Was murdered.

Who's played Eddie Ford over the years?

John Wesley Shipp (November 8, 2010 - December 15, 2010)

Past History

Eddie Ford arrived in Llanview in November 2010. He barged his way into the apartment of sons Ford and James and demanded they return the money James stole. When Inez arrived, Eddie verbally abused her and denied being Nate's father.

Bo later warned Eddie to stay away from Inez and her boys. Eddie ignored his warnings, crashed Thanksgiving at Dorian's and punched James in the face. Though he was arrested, Clint paid for a high-powered attorney who got Eddie released. However, Eddie didn't leave the PD quietly and badmouthed Inez, Bo and Nora.

After Clint gave Eddie a gun and some cash, Eddie kidnapped Nora and held her in a motel room. He continued taunting James and accepted a ten round boxing match with Ford, promising if Ford won, he'd leave town.

However, Clint ordered Eddie to get back to Nora, which prevented the fight from taking place. When Ford sucker-punched Eddie, he attacked Ford. Brody pulled Eddie off and ordered him to leave town. Eddie returned to the motel room, found Nora, who'd been rescued by Rex, gone then was faced with James, who aimed a gun at him. Hours later, Eddie was found dead.

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