Dorian Lord Vickers (as played by Robin Strasser on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Dorian Lord Vickers

* Resides at the La Boulaie mansion.
* Archenemy: Viki Davidson
* Lost her medical license after a malpractice claim.
* Broke up numerous relationships.
* Wrongly accused for the murder of Mitch Laurence.
* Convicted of murdering Victor Lord but was later proven innocent.
* Kidnapped by Viki's alternate personality.
* Accidentally ran over Jessica Buchanan, causing her to lose her baby.
* Killed her abusive mother.
* Left at the altar by David Vickers.
* Arranged for a stalker to break up Adriana and Rex.
* Briefly took over Buchanan Enterprises in 2008.

Who's played Dorian Lord Vickers over the years?

Robin Strasser (1979 - 1987, 1993 - February 23, 2000; April 2, 2003 - August 25, 2011)
Elaine Princi (1989 - 1993)
Clair Malis (1977 - 1979)
Dixie Carter (1974 - temporary replacement)
Nancy Pinkerton (1973 to 1977)

Past History

One of the most sophisticated, cunning, loving and powerful women of Llanview, Dorian Lord has been rocking the town with her conniving schemes since 1973! After overcoming an abusive upbringing, she went on to become a successful doctor, built a financial empire and fought her battle against breast cancer.

After the death of Victor Lord, Dorian became his widow and continued to live and love the Llanfair mansion. It wasn't until after her remarriage to Herb Callison that Dorian was made aware of a clause in Victor's will stating that once Dorian remarried, the mansion would go to his daughter Victoria! This would mark the beginning of Dorian's hatred for Viki, which continues to be present to this day!

For years, Viki blamed and accused Dorian of killing her father. Through the brutal arguments and schemes to make the other pay, Dorian proved her innocence after it was revealed that Victoria had an identity disorder and finally faced the truth that one of her 'alters' killed the great and powerful Victor Lord! Throughout the years, Dorian lived to seek revenge on Viki. She once seduced Viki's youngest son Joey and had a hot affair with him for months!

Dorian later found the love of her life in Mel Hayes. It was Mel who made Dorian face her past and admit that she was abused by her evil mother Sonya and witnessed her mother murdering her father! Her family problems would come full circle when Dorian came upon her mother trying to harm her daughter Cassie - Dorian was able to protect her daughter from Sonya's clutches but in turn ended up killing her mother! After a bitter argument with Mel, Dorian tried to stop him as he was headed out on a business trip with Viki. However, it was too late and Mel met a tragic death when his plane crashed. Finding out that Mel took Viki's seat on an earlier flight fueled her hatred toward Viki!

While setting out into the night in search of Mel's spirit, Dorian hit Viki's daughter Jessica and caused her to lose the baby she was carrying. Months later, Jessica turned around and terrorized Dorian into thinking she was going crazy!

Dorian was reunited with Adriana, the daughter she had with mob boss Manuel Santi. Fearing for her daughter's life, Dorian allowed her to be raised by a family in Puerto Rico. With her daughter back home, Dorian has tended to be a bit overbearing and controlling of her life. Not approving of Adriana's boyfriend Rex Balsom, Dorian hired Bruce Bartlett to stalk her daughter and make it look as though Rex was doing it! However, as most of her plans, this one, too, backfired and Dorian almost lost Adriana after the crazed man kidnapped her - but ended up losing her anyway when Andriana moved to Paris after realizing that her marriage to Rex wouldn't work, even with Dorian's meddling help!

Although she found love in Clint Buchanan, Dorian ended up taking over Buchanan Enterprises as payback for Clint leaving her for Nora Hanen! During this time, she also held her vengeance toward Viki Davidson close and interfered in her relationship with Charlie Balsom by forcing him to drink again! However, after Dorian was faced with losing Langston Wilde, a girl she took under her wing and planned to adopt, Dorian relinquished the company back to Clint for the sake of love.

When Dorian found out that David was the real Buchanan heir, she tricked David into marrying her but later had her marriage annulled and concentrated on helping the family deal with the fact that Starr's baby was still alive. Just when things calmed down a bit, Dorian paid Ross Rayburn to prevent Blair from breaking up Todd and Tea's wedding - in an attempt to keep Blair from going back to Todd.

Dorian got in thick with Mayor Lowell and inadvertently ratted Cole Thornhart out as being undercover - never realizing that Lowell was behind the drug ring. However, once the truth came out, Dorian threw in her hat to become the next mayor of Llanview, ran against Viki Banks and became mayor after Viki forfeited the position.

David and Dorian admitted their love and were set to remarry. However, Clint had David thrown in a Moroccan prison and let Dorian believe that David left her at the altar. It wasn't until later the truth came out that Clint had kidnapped David. David returned and professed his love, and he and Dorian were married.

In August 2011, Dorian was offered a senate seat in Washington, D.C. She accepted, gave up her job as Mayor of Llanview and left town with David.

Dorian means well but her interference has caused her daughters and nieces much irritation! However, if there's any revenge to be had in Llanview, Dorian's the woman to go to for advice!

Flings and Relationships

Ray Montez
David Renaldi
Dr. Mark Toland
Dr. Peter Janssen
Harry O'Neill
Jon Russell
Jason Webb
Joey Buchanan
Drake Faraday


Lou Cramer (father - deceased)
Sonya Roskova (mother - deceased)
Melinda Cramer (sister)
Addie Cramer (sister)
Betsy Cramer (aunt)
Kelly Cramer Buchanan (niece)
Paul Cramer (nephew - deceased)
Blair Cramer (niece)
Betsy Cramer (aunt - deceased)
Zane Buchanan (great-nephew)
Starr Manning (great-niece)
Jack Manning (great-nephew)
Hope Manning - (niece)


Cassie Callison (daughter with David Renaldi)
Adriana Cramer (daughter with Manuel)
William Sloan Carpenter (grandson - deceased)
William Sloan River Carpenter (grandson by adoption)


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