Destiny Evans (Past) (as played by Shenell Edmonds on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Destiny Evans (Past)

* Befriended Matthew Buchanan.
* Sister of Shaun and Greg.
* Convinced David to take her to London to see Matthew.

Who's played Destiny Evans (Past) over the years?

Shenell Edmonds (February 27, 2009 - January 13, 2012)

Past History

Destiny arrived on the scene at Llanview High and befriended Matthew Buchanan, where she stuck up for and stood by him after a car accident paralyzed Matthew from the waist down.

Set on helping her new friend, who she has an apparent crush on, Destiny went to her brother Shaun and begged him to help her locate their brother, who could help Matthew. Though Shaun refused, bitter that their brother Greg left them to follow fame, Destiny managed to get a hold of Greg, who with Tea's help was granted the right to operate on Matthew!

As Destiny continued to stand by Matthew, as well as lying to her parents to go visit him in London, her feelings for him grew deeper. When Dani Rayburn came into the picture, it took Destiny a longtime to accept her as a friend, due to Matthew's crush on Dani. Later that year, Destiny started dating Darren Price.

Destiny was always close to her brother Greg and became suspicious of his behavior after the death of Tea Delgado. She was beside herself when Greg ended up in the hospital after Eli tried to kill him and suspected he was keeping a secret.

It was later revealed that Greg was actually Destiny's father. Destiny's mother, who'd been Shaun's girlfriend, died during an argument with Greg, who hid her body. Destiny disowned Greg, who ended up in Statesville for his part in Eli's crimes, and continued struggling with where she belonged.

She and Matthew grew close and ended up sleeping together. After getting hit in the head by Nate, Matthew fell into a coma. Destiny ended up pregnant. Though they had their ups and downs when Matthew woke up, Destiny gave birth to a healthy boy named Drew.

Flings and Relationships

Matthew Buchanan (lost virginity to)
Darren Price (dated)


Dr. Greg Evans (biological father)
Charlene (mother - deceased)
Richard Evans (father by adoption/grandfather)
Phylicia Evans (mother by adoption/grandmother)
Shaun (uncle)
Fred Wenton (great grandfather)
Mrs. Wenton (great grandmother)


Drew (son with Matthew)


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