David Vickers (as played by Tuc Watkins on One Life To Live)

Useful information about David Vickers

* Left Llanview to go to Hollywood.
* Blackmailed various residents of Llanview.
* Pretended to be Victor Lord's son.
* Kidnapped Kelly Cramer.
* Was paid by Todd Manning to get rid of Jack Manning after his birth.
* Almost married Dorian Lord for a second time, but left her at the altar because Spencer Truman was blackmailing him.
* Was made to believe that he shot and killed Thomas McBain.
* Testified against his brother Spencer at his murder trial.
* Married Addie Cramer to stick it to Dorian.

Who's played David Vickers over the years?

Tuc Watkins (1994 - 1996; 2001 - 2002; 2003 - Dec. 2007; May 7, 2008 - August 6, 2008; December 29, 2008 - April 27, 2009; August 10, 2009 - August 25, 2011)

Past History

David Vickers first blew into Llanview in 1994 in an attempt to save Dorian Lord from being executed for murdering the great and powerful Victor Lord. In the end, because of the fake proof that David supplied, Dorian was set free.

Since then, David has always held a special place in Dorian's heart and her is his. A comedian of sorts, David has made his way into the beds and wallets of many of Llanview's high society gals! His greed to make a fast buck has gotten David caught up in numerous schemes throughout the years. He's kidnapped almost every one of the Cramer women and slept with them too!

In 2001, as luck would have it, David was at the airport when he overheard Todd Manning tell a drugged Blair that her infant child had died. Thinking the baby was Max Holden's, David watched as Todd handed the baby off to a couple of nuns! David was able to get baby Jack back and took him to Todd as a means of blackmail! Not knowing that the child was really his, Todd paid up and ordered David to get rid of the kid! However, after Todd found out that the baby was his, he forced David to get Jack back!

Having grown up with a crook for a father, David had been forced to dapper in some shady dealings. In 2006, it would come out that, as a young boy, David had shot and killed Detective Thomas McBain causing David's years of guilt to come full circle. However, after much investigating, it turned out that David's brother Spencer Truman had been the real killer, leaving David with a sense of relief.

No longer having anything holding him to Llanview, David took off for Hollywood on a quest for stardom! However, after a brief marriage to Alex Olanov, David returned to Llanview on May 7, 2008 and found a new way to survive - by marring Addie Cramer and living off of Dorian's money!

After Addie had her fun with him, the couple divorced and David took off on another adventure once again in August 2008, never realizing that he was really Asa's long lost son, but eventually found out that he was actually Bo's son!

However, in December 2008, David returned a new man, a monk, with plans to cleanse his soul and release himself of all his past sins, and although he married Dorian Lord, and reverted back to his old ways, David set off for Hollywood to pursue his acting desires, which led to his separation from Dorian.

David returned on August 10, 2009 with plans to produce a reality show surrounding the residents of Llanview! Though he had some fun with it, David's production was halted by his own family.

David and Dorian reunited and planned to marry. On their wedding day, Clint kidnapped David, who he'd never accepted as Bo's son, and had him locked in a Moroccan prison. Though David managed to get a call to Dorian, she thought he'd left her at the altar again and hung up on him. David vowed to get revenge on Clint and Rex, who knew where he'd been all long.

Clint had David transported to St. Blaze's, where Alex kept him drugged. Bo and Rex rescued David, who returned to Llanview and convinced Dorian he hadn't left her. He married Dorian then left town to film a movie of his life.

Though they briefly returned, David and Dorian ended up leaving again when Dorian accepted a senate seat in Washington, D.C. David went with her but planned to accept a movie deal that would later take him to Sweden for filming.

Flings and Relationships

Kelly Cramer
Alex Olanov


Ned Truman (father by adoption)
Emma Bradley (mother)
Asa Buchanan (grandfather - deceased)
Spencer Truman (brother by adoption)
Bo Buchanan (biological father)
Clint Buchanan (uncle)
Ben Davidson (half-uncle)
Hugh Hughes (nephew by adoption - deceased)
Joseph Buchanan (cousin by adoption)
Kevin Buchanan (cousin by adoption)
Rex Balsom (cousin)
Shane Morasco (cousin)
Matthew Buchanan (half-brother)
Drew Buchanan (half brother- deceased)
Clinton James Roberts (cousin)
Cordero Roberts (cousin)
Natalie Buchanan (cousin)
Demerest Buchanan (cousin by adoption - deceased)
Kevin Riley Buchanan Jr. (cousin by adoption - deceased)
Sarah Roberts (cousin)
Jessica Buchanan Vega Brennan (cousin by adoption)
Bree Brennan (cousin by adoption)
Megan Victoria Buchanan (cousin by adoption - deceased)
Zane Buchanan (cousin by adoption)
Pike Buchanan (uncle)
Jeannie Buchanan (aunt - deceased)
Austin Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
Rafe Garretson (cousin)
Sammi Garretson (cousin)




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