Dani Manning (as played by Kelley Missal on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Dani Manning

* Went to boarding school in London.
* Her mom calls her Daniella.
* Was kidnapped by Eli Clarke.

Who's played Dani Manning over the years?

Kelley Missal (October 23, 2009 - present)

Past History

Dani first appeared in October 2009 when Matthew Buchanan was forced to attend boarding school in London. Unbeknown to Matthew, she had a huge connection to a few Llanview residents - and was the daughter of Tea Delgado!

Dani quickly befriended Matthew and urged him to fight against his parents in order to have the surgery he longed for. Dani and Matthew escaped the boarding school and were brought back to Llanview. Months later it was revealed that Todd Manning was actually her real father.

It took a long time for Dani to accept Todd, but the two grew close after Ross' death and during the time when they thought Tea was dying from a brain tumor. Nate was there to comfort Dani, who she'd fallen in love with during the Starr X'd Lovers musical. Matthew resented her and tried his best to get back and Dani and Nate.

Dani struggled with life after finding out Tea had died while in hospice, where she insisted on dying alone. Dani was soon kidnapped by Eli, during his reign of terror, and shocked when she came face to face with her mother, who hadn't died at all!

Safe and sound with her family, Dani's next troubles arrived when Nate was arrested for the murder of his a father, Eddie Ford. Tea managed to exonerate Nate after he admitted to covering for his mother, who didn't kill Eddie either.

Dani and Nate tried to get back to being normal kids in a relationship. On Valentine's Day, Dani told Nate she was ready to have sex for the first time. However, just as things started heating up, Todd walked in on them and ordered Dani to never see Nate again. Though Dani and Nate ran away, Todd found them at Viki's cabin. Tea managed to calm Todd down, who ended up shot outside of Rodi's. Dani felt guilty for how she'd treated her father and prayed he'd wake up from the coma.

Flings and Relationships

Téa Delgado (mother)
Todd Manning (father)
Jack Manning (half-brother)
Sam "Tommy" Manning (half brother)
Starr Manning (half-sister)
Tomas (uncle)
Baz (cousin)
Victoria Lord Davidson Banks (aunt)
Hope (niece)
Victor Lord (grandfather - deceased)
Irene Manning (grandmother - deceased)
Tina Clayton Lord (aunt)
Tony Lord (uncle - deceased)
Powell Lord Sr. (great uncle - deceased)
Gwendolyn Lord (great aunt - deceased)
Powell Lord II (cousin)
Richard Abbott (cousin)
Brian Kendall (cousin)
Megan Gordon (cousin - deceased)
Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (half-nephew)
Joseph Buchanan (cousin)
Jessica Buchanan (cousin)
Natalie Buchanan (cousin)
C.J. Roberts (cousin)
Sarah Roberts (cousin)
Duke Buchanan (cousin- deceased)
Kevin Buchanan Jr. (cousin - deceased)
Megan Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
Brennan Buchanan (great-half-niece)
Zane Buchanan (cousin)




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