Cutter Wentworth (as played by Josh Kelly on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Cutter Wentworth

* Is in a secret relationship with Aubrey.
* Helped Aubrey try to scam Joey.

Who's played Cutter Wentworth over the years?

Josh Kelly (December 29, 2010 - present)

Past History

Cutter first appeared on December 29, 2010 and was behind all of the mysterious phone calls to Aubrey. Though it was apparent he was working with Aubrey, who he had a romantic involvement with, Cutter clearly was jealous of Joey and Aubrey's relationship.

Cutter refused to leave Llanview and told Aubrey to stick to their plan - to bleed Joey dry. When Kelly showed Joey the photo of Aubrey and Cutter cozied up in a French magazine, Cutter revealed himself and claimed to be Aubrey's brother. Joey believed him. Cutter began pursuing Kelly in order to make sure she didn't uncover his and Aubrey's scam.

The truth came out that Cutter was really Kim's sister, the real Aubrey Wentworth. Aubrey was actually Kristine Karr, who took on Kim's name to continue the scams Cutter and his sister had been carrying on.

Though Cutter and Aubrey tried to make their relationship work, after she'd fallen in love with Joey, she dumped him in an attempt to redeem herself.

Cutter came face to face with his sister, Kim, who had been holding a Gigi lookalike in a special care facility. Kim claimed the girl was Stacy, with Gigi's face. Cutter vowed to tell everyone if Kim didn't turn over a paper that Echo had signed Rex's name to, which turned the Buchanan fortune back over to Clint.


Alex Olanov (mother)
Billy Jo (father)
Aubrey 'Kimberly Andrews' Wentworth (sister)
Nat Olanov (grandfather - deceased)




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