Cristian Vega (as played by David Fumero on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Cristian Vega

* Had a successful career as an artist.
* Injured his hand in a car accident, which almost cost him his painting career.
* Kidnapped and brainwashed by Carlo Hesser to murder Antonio Vega.
* Murdered Tico Santi under Carlo's mental control and sent to prison for the crime.
* Hurt his hand in a boxing match rigged by Vincent Jones, costing him his reputation.
* Saved Tina from being beheaded in Mendorra.

Who's played Cristian Vega over the years?

David Fumero (June 26, 1998 - October 28, 2003; November 5, 2004 - February 2005; September 1, 2005 - September 8, 2011)
Yorlin Madera (May 1995 to January 1998)

Past History

In 1995, Cristian Vega blew Llanview away with his artistic talent, having created the famous angel in Angel's Square. Cris hasn't had the best of luck in the love department. During his teenage years, Cris lost his high school sweetheart, Jessica Buchanan, to Will Rappaport after finding out she was carrying Will's child.

After falling prey to a few needy girls in between, Cris finally thought he'd meet the love of his life, Natalie Buchanan. Cris and Natalie went on to be married, only to lose each other on their wedding day when Cris was presumed dead after falling into the trap of a mobster. By the time Cris returned to Llanview a year later, Natalie had already given her heart to someone else, and Cris had been brainwashed and coerced to kill a man, ultimately landing him in prison.

With the help of his lawyer, Evangeline Williamson, Cris was proven innocent and released. While his prison sentence may have hardened his skin, Cristian's sensitivity and romantic side still shined strong!

Cris found that he had a talent in boxing and met up with the shady Vincent Jones. Vincent saw a quick buck to be made at the cost of Cris's reputation and agreed to become his manager. After fixing to have Cris lose a championship fight, Cris found himself out of work, scrutinized by many and a suspect in a rash of arsons involving the property of Vincent Jones.

Once cleared of all charges, and after a breakup with Evangeline Williamson, Cris gave into love again with Sarah Roberts. Though a trip to Mendorra tested their relationship to the fullest, Cris again found himself at Carlo's mercy and was kidnapped and put in a Colombian prison under the name of Ray Montez, who was released with the help of Jared Banks and in Llanview involved in a scheme to get Buchanan Enterprises back!

With the help of Ray's wife, Vanessa, Cris was released from prison and vowed to help keep Vanessa and her step daughter Lola safe from Ray. However, upon their return to Llanview, Vanessa shot Ray, was released into Cris's custody and was to be deported back to Colombia.

Having Vanessa's presence at Cris's loft put a damper on his relationship with Sarah - and Cris found himself to be at the end of Vanessa's attraction!

After Sarah left town, Cris married Vanessa to keep her in the country. When things didn't work out, Vanessa was deported and Cris went about his life. He fell in love with Layla, and though the two overcame their guilt, in regards to Evangeline, Cris was faced with another past issue - Jessica.

When Mitch gave Jessica electroshock therapy, she couldn't remember anything past high school. Her pursuit of Cris, and an attempt to get back what they had, put a damper on his relationship with Layla. However, Jessica regained her memory and Cris and Layla's relationship flourished.

Layla accepted Cris' marriage proposal but her job offer in Paris left them with a long distance relationship. Cris went to Paris with Blair in search of an artist who painted a portrait of her found in Eli's belongings. It was then Layla admitted she'd slept with her boss and realized she didn't want to give up what she had in Paris for a life in Llanview with Cris.

Cris was at loose ends for a while and briefly contemplated a relationship with Rama Patel, as well as his first love Jessica. In September of 2011 Cris accepted a teaching job and move to Spain.

Flings and Relationships

Diego Vega (father - deceased)
Carlotta Espinoza Vega (mother)
Antonio Vega (brother by adoption - biological cousin)
Adriana_Cramer (cousin)
Manuel (Espinoza) Santi I (uncle - deceased)
Augustico Santi (cousin - deceased)
Sonia Toledo (cousin by adoption)
Jamie Reynolds Vega (niece by adoption - biological first cousin)




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