Cole Thornhart (as played by Brandon Buddy on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Cole Thornhart

* Deceased.
* Loved with Starr Manning.
* Lost his father at a young age.
* Abused steroids to maintain his football status.
* His mother was raped by Starr's father, Todd Manning.
* Got Starr pregnant.
* Thought his mother had died at the hands of Lee Ramsey.
* Led to believe his baby daughter had died at birth.
* Turned to John McBain like a father figure.
* Started taking painkillers.
* Caused a car accident while high, which injured Matthew Buchanan, and Gigi and Shane Morasco.
* Received 10 years in Statesville for killing Eli Clarke.

Who's played Cole Thornhart over the years?

Van Hughes (January 3 2012 - January 10, 2012)
Brandon Buddy (October 10, 2006 - November 10, 2010)

Past History

A newcomer to Llanview in 2006, Cole Thornhart found himself quickly sucked into the wrath of teenage peer pressure, becoming hooked on steroids as a way to meet the expectations of fellow football players and his coach. Thankfully, his need to do the right thing became easier with the idea of having Starr Manning on his side. Though Starr experienced the harsh effects of Cole's steroids first-hand, through her acceptance, Cole was able to do the right thing and admit his mistakes.

However, after the tragic death of his mother, Starr and Cole's relationship took a turn for the worse when they were forbidden to see each other. Wanting to share one last night together, Todd interrupted what Starr and Cole explained to be a near-sex moment - when really they did have sex, which led to Starr's teenage pregnancy.

After Starr decided to give her baby up to Marcie McBain, Cole couldn't accept it and the young couple parted ways. With the baby's birth growing near, Cole missed his mother more than anything and had no idea that she was really alive - and living at Todd's with amnesia!

When the truth came out, and Cole and Marty were face to face, he was shocked to see that she'd lost her memory - and didn't remember him either! Cole was again faced with heartache when his daughter died at birth - and had no idea that his healthy baby had been switched, and now lived as Chloe Brennan!

Cole tried to grieve and be there for his mother, but found himself filled with hate for the man who caused most of his problems, Starr's father - Todd Manning! During all of the turmoil in his life, Cole turned to painkillers and ended up getting in a car with Matthew, while high, after seeing Starr kissing Schuyler Joplin! His careless actions caused a car accident, which paralyzed Matthew and almost severely hurt Gigi and Shane Morasco.

After being caught with drugs, which were planted on him by Asher, and just when he found out that Hope was alive - and was really Chloe - Cole was set to go undercover to bust Llanview's drug ring in order to stay out of prison.

Cole did his part to help John in the drug ring and helped to bust Mayor Lowell's part in it all. Trying to put his past behind him, Cole concentrated on his relationship with Starr and their daughter Hope.

Starr and Cole moved in together and things were great - until his study partner Hannah came into the picture. Starr trusted Cole but Hannah's sudden need to be consoled by Cole began to cause issues for the couple. After Hannah spilled coffee on her shirt, Todd found Cole with Hannah, who was only wearing a bra, and jumped to the wrong conclusion. This reignited Todd's hatred for Cole. Though Starr promised Cole she wouldn't let Todd come between them, he thought differently.

Cole received word that Marty and John lost their baby and went to the hospital to show his mother support. He become furious to find Todd outside of Marty's room! Later, Hannah told him she saw Todd push Marty down the stairs, which led to Cole beating Todd to within an inch of his life. Starr feared her father would die and lashed out at Cole for his actions.

Cole's next obstacle came after Hannah came clean that Eli forced her to lie about Marty's fall. Cole stood by Hannah, even when Starr warned him she was obsessed with him. Things between Starr and Cole worsened due to Starr's connection to James, who was clearly in love with Starr. Starr and Hope ended up kidnapped, which led Cole to believe Eli had stashed them in the warehouse he blew up. Cole thought Starr and Hope had died and shot Eli in cold blood. Marty took the blame for her son, and it wasn't until later that Cole found out that Starr and Hope were alive and that James had saved them.

Starr begged Cole to go on the run with her and Hope but he turned himself in. After receiving a 10 year sentence, Cole broke things off with Starr and headed to Statesville.

Flings and Relationships

Patrick Thornhart (father - deceased)
Marty Saybrooke (mother)
Brendan Thornhart (paternal half-brother- deceased)
David Saybrooke (maternal grandfather)
Samantha Saybrooke (maternal grandmother)
Ian Thornhart (paternal uncle)
Granya Thornhart (paternal aunt)
Daniel Thornhart (paternal cousin)
Kiki Saybrooke (maternal great-aunt)


Hope - (daughter with Starr - thought to be dead but was secretly switched at birth with Jessica's deceased baby)


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