Charlie Banks (as played by Brian Kerwin on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Charlie Banks

* Is a reformed alcoholic.
* Showed up in Paris, Texas.
* Gave Gigi's son Shane advice.
* Became friendly with Viki Davidson while she waitressed at the Bonjour Cafe then later fell in love with her.
* Pretended to be Rex Balsom's father.
* Saved Jared and Natalie from being blown up.
* Turned the Angel's Square diner into the Bonjour Cafe.
* Found out he caused Jared's stepfather's death.

Who's played Charlie Banks over the years?

Brian Kerwin (October 25, 2007 - May 11, 2011)

Past History

Charlie arrived on the scene on October 25, 2007 at the Bonjour Cafe in Paris, Texas, where he was struggling with trying to find his son, Jared. After meeting Viki Davidson, Charlie had hope that he could have a life as a reformed alcoholic and make amends with his son.

When Charlie was reunited in Llanview with Viki, and dealing with Jared's unacceptance, Dorian Lord drugged him and forced him to drink again, which cost him his relationship with Viki - that and the fact that he lied for Roxy Balsom and pretended to be Rex's father!

It was a while before the truth finally came out and Charlie was able to get some control back in his life - and his problem with alcohol. Jared was able to eventually forgive his father. When Charlie helped Viki save Jared and Natalie from being blown up in Llanfair's basement, his relationship with Jared and Viki flourished!

However, the big surprise came when Charlie agreed to rebuild the Angel's Square diner and turned it into a replica of the Bon Jour cafe, touching Viki beyond words!

Charlie went on to move into Llanfair with Viki and the two soon married. Charlie was there for Viki during Tess' return, and even saved Natalie and Jared from being blown up in the secret room at Llanfair!

Later, when it appeared as though Jessica was being stalked by her dead husband Nash, Jared was implicated - and Charlie began to doubt his son's innocence. However, when it was revealed that Mitch Laurence had been behind the whole scheme, it was too late because Mitch shot Jared, who died soon after - but not before confessing to Charlie that he was blackmailed into it, as a way to cover up the fact that Charlie had killed Jared's stepfather, while he was drunk... something Charlie didn't remember.

Charlie fell back into the bottle and faced a long road to recovery. Just when he and Viki finally got their marriage back on track, with a few 'Dorian speed bumps' along the way, his old fling Echo returned to Llanview... The same woman who once had an affair with Clint while Viki had been married to him. Echo lied to Charlie and claimed Rex was his son, even though she knew Clint was, who had rigged the DNA results to prove otherwise.

Wanting to make up for lost time, Charlie and Rex began to bond. Charlie spent a lot of time defending Echo to Viki, who wasn't buying Echo's innocent act. He even got Viki to agree to allow Echo to live with them at Llanfair! Charlie was devastated when news came that Clint had rigged the test. He pulled away from Viki and fell into an affair with Echo, who still kept the truth from Charlie about knowing Clint had been Rex's dad all along.

When Viki found out about the affair, she kicked Charlie out and later told him Echo knew he hadn't been Rex's father all along. Charlie dumped Echo and left Llanview.

Flings and Relationships



Jared Banks (son - deceased)
Jimmy Banks (son - deceased)


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