Brody Lovett (as played by Mark Lawson on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Brody Lovett

* Served as a Navy Seal in the war.
* Dated Gigi before leaving for the war.
* Pretended to be Shane Morasco's father.
* Was paid to come to Llanview by Adriana Cramer.
* Stayed with Gigi at Llanfair's carriage house.
* Shot Rex Balsom.
* Ended up in St. Ann's.

Who's played Brody Lovett over the years?

Mark Lawson (April 24, 2008 - January 13, 2012)

Past History

We first saw Brody when Dorian, Adriana and Layla convinced him to come to Llanview to continue posing as the father to Gigi's son, Shane. Although Shane was happy to finally meet his father, Gigi was shocked to see Brody alive - after being told he'd died in the war as a Navy Seal.

Though Brody still wanted to pretend to be Shane's dad, Gigi insisted on telling Shane the truth about Rex, which led Brody into a tailspin! Suffering from the effects of the war, Brody shot Rex, thinking he was back in the war, and ended up in St. Ann's, where he took an instant bonding to Jessica Brennan.

Since their time at St. Ann's, though Brody helped Gigi by claiming to have an affair with her, to hide Stacy's blackmail, Brody fell in love with and secretly dated Jessica. However, when Bess returned, and went on the run, Brody found Bess and was determined to help her face the truth that her baby had died - and Chloe was really Starr's child!

While helping Jessica through her ordeal, Brody was accepted into the Llanview Police Academy and ultimately became a cop after helping John with a case to bust the Llanview drug ring.

Brody's next case brought him face to face with Jessica's father, Mitch Laurence, which had him doubting whether or not it was right that John covered for Natalie, who stabbed Mitch after Jared's death. Brody was able to save Jessica before Mitch raped her and fought for months to help recover Jessica's lost memories.

During this time, and feeling as though Jessica would never remember the love they shared, Brody had a one night stand with Natalie, who thought John had rejected her. Jessica's memories returned and John and Natalie reunited, only to later find out that both Jessica and Natalie were pregnant. Both girls had DNA tests. While Jessica's baby proved to be Brody's, Natalie never let on that her DNA test proved he was the father of her baby as well.

It wasn't until Brody, Jessica, Natalie and John's double wedding when it was revealed Clint had Vimal change the paternity results. Ford was really the father of Jessica's baby. Brody was also shocked to hear Natalie's son was actually his. Jessica refused to forgive Brody and Natalie for their one night stand and turned into Tess. Brody was there for Natalie and Liam and tried to get through to Tess. Though Jessica returned briefly, Brody lost her again when Tess came back.

When it was revealed that Liam was Brody's son, he and Natalie made a go of their relationship. Brody found out that Marty had changed the paternity results but never let on that John was really Liam's father. It wasn't until Brody and Natalie's wedding day when Tina appeared with the paternity results, and Brody was forced to admit he'd known the truth all along. He slipped away, kidnapped Liam and headed for the airport - with John and Natalie on his trail.

John and Natalie located Brody at his sister's house in Michigan.

Flings and Relationships

Nadine Lovett (sister)




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