Blair Cramer Manning (as played by Kassie DePaiva on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Blair Cramer Manning

* Resides at Dorian's Mansion.
* In her early days, she conned Asa Buchanan and Todd Manning into marriage.
* Miscarried Patrick Thornhart's child and endured a stroke after she was involved in a car accident caused by her cousin Kelly.
* Shot Max Holden.
* She had her infant son sold by Todd Manning.
* Suffered a brain tumor.
* Kidnapped by Margaret Cochran.
* Committed to a mental institution against her will by Asa Buchanan.
* Seduced by Spencer Truman who in turn framed the love of her life, Todd Manning, for murder!
* Supported Starr during her young pregnancy.
* Was granted custody of Todd's son, Sam.

Who's played Blair Cramer Manning over the years?

Kassie DePaiva (December 11, 1993 - present)
Mia Korf (1991 - 1993)

Past History

Blair Cramer arrived in Llanview in 1993 with hopes of living a normal life after being raised in numerous foster homes. It wasn't until adulthood when she found her real mother and family in Llanview. After many trials and tribulations, Blair managed to gain much wealth and social status.

Her first step up the ladder to wealth began when Blair was on the hunt for a quick buck with hopes of being able to put her mentally ill mother in a decent facility. After setting her sights on the rich and powerful Asa Buchanan, Blair succeeded in breaking up his marriage to Renee. However, Asa was no fool and caught on to Blair before she could rob him blind. It was then when she met Max Holden and fell head over heels in love with the man! Throughout the years, Blair and Max used blackmail as their main resource for scheming many of Llanview's residents out of money and power. However, Max and Blair's love faded when she set her sights on Todd Manning.

When Blair found out that Todd Manning was the heir to the Lord fortune, she faked a pregnancy as a way to get into Todd's heart. Since then, Blair and Todd's relationship has had more ups and downs than anyone in town! Most recently, having been a pawn in Spencer Truman's plan to destroy Todd and take Blair as his trophy, Blair lost faith in her one true love and left Todd to face the lethal injection for a crime he didn't commit. Finally opening her eyes to the truth, Blair is on the hunt to win Todd back and make Spencer Truman pay for making a fool of her!

Just when Todd and Blair reunited, Margaret Cochran kidnapped Todd on their wedding day, causing Blair to believe that he ran out on her yet again. After Todd was found, it was revealed that Margaret had raped him, producing a child, one that Blair and Todd fought hard to locate.

Finding out Todd's baby was indeed Tommy McBain, Blair found herself, at first, not able to bond with the boy, but little by little he drifted into her heart. Though things appeared calm, Blair couldn't handle Todd's actions toward Starr and her boyfriend, Cole Thornhart, which ultimately led to their demise - yet again.

Blair was faced with a young pregnant daughter, but supported her in every way possible, with the help of her newly recovered mother, Addie, and new love interest, John McBain, who later married Blair in order to help her get her kids back. Tragedy struck again when Starr lost her baby at birth, unknown that her real child was switched with Jessica's stillborn, and Marty Saybrooke returned from the dead, leaving Blair lost and not knowing where her life would go next.

Truth later came that Starr's baby was alive, and was really Chloe Buchanan, leaving Blair to help her daughter raise 'Hope'. Blair continued to fight with Todd, over the kids, which landed him as a permanent resident at the mansion - and put John back into the arms of Marty. However, with Tea Delgado back in town, and with Todd pursuing a relationship with Tea, Blair set out to uncover dirt on Tea - after she almost revealed her darkest secret to Blair while both were taken captive by Powell and Rebecca and held at the KAD house.

Blair found out that Tea had a daughter and sought out Ross Rayburn for the truth. After finding out Dani was in fact Todd's child, Blair worked with Ross, who ended up kidnapping Blair and Dani. The truth came out and Blair accepted Todd's need to be with Tea, since she's who he really wanted to be with.

Blair found comfort in Ross' brother Elijah, who she hoped to have a real relationship with. This all came after their no-strings attached arrangement. Blair then found herself supporting Starr after Cole beat Todd to within an inch of his life, after Hannah had claimed to have seen Todd push Marty down the stairs.

Eli got Blair to marry him and it was months later revealed that Eli was a serial killer. Though everyone thought Eli had died in a fire in Hawaii, he resurfaced and enlisted Greg's help in making everyone believe Tea had died, as well as kidnapped Dani!

Blair agreed to take Dani's place and leave town with Eli. However, she tricked him, which resulted in Eli blowing up the warehouse where Tea was held. Tea was okay, Eli was arrested and later shot by Cole.

Eli left Blair a portrait of herself from her wedding to Todd eight years prior. With Cris' help, she tracked down the artist, Tomas, in Paris who claimed he painted it from a photo of her he found at a flea market. Tomas surprised Blair with a trip to Llanview and revealed that he was Tea's brother. Though Blair was attracted to him, she kept her guard up, especially after John suspected Tomas had been involved with Todd's shooting.

While labeled a vixen who goes after what she wants - no matter what the cost - Blair Cramer will do whatever is necessary to protect the ones she loves, especially her children!

Flings and Relationships

Tomas Delgado
Elijah Clarke
John McBain
Cordero Roberts
Max Holden
Patrick Thornhart (deceased)
Sam Rappaport


Addie Cramer (mother)
Lou Cramer (grandfather - deceased)
Sonya Roskova (grandmother - deceased)
Dorian Cramer (maternal aunt)
Melinda Cramer (maternal aunt)
Cassie Callison (maternal cousin)
Kelly Cramer (maternal cousin)
Paul Cramer (maternal cousin - deceased)
William Sloan Carpenter (maternal first cousin - deceased)
William Sloan River Carpenter (maternal first cousin by adoption)
Kevin Buchanan Jr. (maternal first cousin - deceased)
Zane Buchanan (maternal first cousin)


Starr Manning (daughter with Todd)
Jack Manning (son with Todd_Manning)
Brendan Thornhart (son with Patrick - born 1997 - stillborn)
Sam "Tommy" Manning (stepson with Todd Manning)
Granddaughter (through Cole and Starr - secretly switched at birth with Jessica's deceased baby)


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