Aubrey ‘Kimberly Andrews’ Wentworth (as played by Amanda Setton on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Aubrey ‘Kimberly Andrews’ Wentworth

* She went by Kimberly Andrews but turned out to be the real Aubrey Wentworth.
* Vegas Stripper friend of Stacy Morasco's.

Who's played Aubrey ‘Kimberly Andrews’ Wentworth over the years?

Amanda Setton (August 14 - April 2, 2010; August 22, 2011 - December 29, 2011)

Past History

Kim arrived in Llanview on August 14, at the request of her old Vegas friend, Stacy Morasco. She was there for Stacy after finding out that she miscarried Rex's baby and helped her come up with a plan to get pregnant by someone else!

Wanting to settle in Llanview, Kim set out on her plan to snag a sugar daddy, Clint Buchanan, and lied her way into becoming his assistant. Though Clint found out her true motives, he used Kim to help him get back at Nora and Bo, who had reconciled behind his back.

Kim and Clint married, and though she truly cared about Clint, Kim left Llanview after Stacy's death and David's blackmailing threats.

It wasn't until August 2011 when Rex found Kim stripping in Kentucky at the Spotted Pony under the stage-name Gigi. Kim visited a room at a special care facility. A picture of Kim and Stacy sat on an end table while Kim talked to this mysterious friend about Rex's visit.

Having heard what happened to Clint, Kim went back to Llanview and convinced David to stay quiet about her secret. When Kim read that Cutter and Aubrey Wentworth had been caught scamming people in Llanview, she confronted her brother, Cutter. Kim turned out to be the real Aubrey Wentworth.

Flings and Relationships

Alex Olanov (mother)
Billy Jo (father)
Cutter Wentworth (brother)
Nat Olanov (grandfather - deceased)




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