Antonio Vega (as played by Kamar de los Reyes on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Antonio Vega

* Resides in a loft apartment in Angel's Square with Jamie.
* Murdered a man in a poolhall and served 7 years in jail, but was later ruled self-defense.
* Shot Javier to protect his wife Andy in self-defense.
* Was accused of murdering Carlo Hesser.
* Fired from the police department for using excessive force and ordered into anger management classes.
* Arrested for the murder of Tico Santi, then was later cleared.
* Has an ongoing rivalry with R.J. Gannon.
* Traveled to Mendorra to find Talia.
* Pretended to be a dirty cop in order to trap Lee Ramsey.
* Found Marty Saybrooke and John at Todd's house.

Who's played Antonio Vega over the years?

Kamar de los Reyes (July 10, 1995 - August 1997; 1998; February 2000 - April 22, 2009)
Robert Montano (temporary recast in 2007)

Past History

After serving seven years in prison for killing a man in self-defense, Antonio arrived in Llanview in 1995 on a quest to rebuild his good name.

Spending most of his youth in and out of gangs, Antonio tried to make a new life for himself. That's not to say he didn't get mixed up with trouble along the way. He worked for the notorious mob boss Carlo Hesser in order to pay off a debt and found himself again under the scrutiny of the law. Surprisingly, Antonio had had enough and went on to join the police force and help Bo Buchanan flush out the dirty cops and gangs in Angel Square. Antonio finally gave in to love and married co-worker Andy Harrison who ultimately broke Antonio's heart after having an affair.

He later was framed for the murder of his ex-lover Keri Reynolds Gannon (who actually committed suicide) and later found himself in a custody battle with rival RJ Gannon to get his daughter back.

Just when things started looking up for Antonio, he found out he was the son of noted crime lord Manuel Santi and later went on to inherit his late father's fortune.

Finally finding love again in Jessica Buchanan, Antonio faced another loss after Jessica fell hard for Nash Brennan, turning Antonio's world upside down. Over time, Antonio took another shot at love by allowing fellow cop, Talia Sihad, into his life.

While trying to uncover Lee Ramsey's illegal activities, Antonio pretended to be a dirty cop, even convinced Talia and John McBain to pretend to have an affair, in order to reveal the truth, which they did! Just when he thought things had simmered down, Antonio found out that Carlo Hesser, his longtime enemy, was Talia's father! Knowing Talia was nothing like her namesake, Antonio saved her from a life as the Queen of Mendorra and brought her back home to Llanview for good.

Through all the hardships, Antonio remained strong and proud. Known to be hot-tempered, when warranted, Antonio is a passionate man who is dedicated to his loved ones, and his badge, and will take extreme measures to keep Llanview safe!

In March of 2009, Antonio left Llanview on the hunt for Carlo Hesser - in an attempt to bring him down permanently, which in turn would protect his family from his grasp! However, he was forced to return when Talia was murdered by the Llanview Slasher. Antonio knew John McBain wasn't guilty, asked him to find the killer, let John out of jail then left Llanview behind.

Flings and Relationships

Talia Sahid
Keri Reynolds
Roseanne Delgado
Linda Soto
Sonia Toledo


Isabella Santi (biological mother - deceased)
Diego Vega (adoptive father)
Carlotta Espinoza Vega (adoptive mother - paternal aunt)
Cristian Vega (adoptive brother - paternal cousin)
Manuel (Espinoza) Santi I (adoptive maternal uncle - deceased / biological father - deceased)
Augustico Santi (adoptive maternal cousin - deceased / biological brother - deceased)
Sonia Toledo (adoptive maternal cousin / biological sister by adoption)
Adriana Cramer (adoptive maternal cousin / biological paternal half-sister)


Jamie Reynolds Vega (daughter with Keri Reynolds; Born on February 10, 2003)
Brennan Buchanan (once step-daughter with Jessica_Buchanan_Vega)


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