Andrew Carpenter (as played by Robert (Wortham) Krimmer on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Andrew Carpenter

* Killed General Gazi while trying to rescue Jake Harrison.
* Was accused of being a homosexual by Marty Saybrooke.
* Returned to take part in Dorian's same sex marriage ceremony.

Who's played Andrew Carpenter over the years?

Robert (Wortham) Krimmer (1991 - 1999 on contract; 1999 - present on and off on recurring; December 10, 2008 - December 11, 2008; on and off from October 30, 2009 - March 1, 2010)

Past History

When anyone in Llanview had troubles, they always went to Andrew Carpenter, who was a man of fairness and a friend to many. For many years, he married most of the couples in town and had advice for even those who possessed different religions and beliefs.

Andrew's family was filled with troubles of its own. It wasn't till later years when he and his father, Sloan, put their differences aside and came together during Andrew's brother's death, who died from aids. While comforting Megan Gordon, who was dying of Lupus, Andrew developed feelings for her but respected hers toward Jake - even on her deathbed.

While befriending a young homosexual boy, Marty Saybrooke started a rumor that Andrew was gay and created quite a ruckus in Llanview. However, when the truth came out, Andrew forgave Marty and even found himself attracted to her later, which led to nothing more than a flirtation.

Andrew fell in love with and married Cassie Callison. While the two shared a child, Andrew watched as Cassie slipped away and fell into the arms of Kevin Buchanan. Although Andrew never did find love again, he did spend time with Téa Delgado, which fumed his rival Todd Manning.

Although we've only seen Andrew off and on throughout the years, he made a brief return to Llanview in December 2008, as well as on October 30, 2009 to help Dorian Lord at the same sex marriage rally.

Flings and Relationships

Sloan Carpenter (father - deceased)
Rebecca Carpenter (mother - deceased)
William Carpenter (brother - deceased)
John Carpenter (uncle - deceased)
Maggie Carpenter (cousin)
Ian Armitage (cousin - deceased)
Mark Carpenter (cousin - deceased)


River Carpenter (son with Cassie)
William Sloan Carpenter (son with Cassie - deceased)


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