Allison Perkins (as played by Barbara Garrick on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Allison Perkins

* Was in a cult led by Mitch Laurence.
* Kidnapped Jessica and Natalie at birth.
* Returned Jess to Viki but gave Natalie to Roxy to raise.
* Fell in love with Viki's husband Ben.
* Dodged a bullet that ultimately put Ben in an irreversible coma.

Who's played Allison Perkins over the years?

Barbara Garrick (1986 - 1987; August 2001 - January, 31, 2003; January 25, 2008 - February 29 2008; February 26, 2010 - April 13, 2010; January 13, 2012; August 19, 2013 - present)

Past History

Although Allison thought she was worshiping a man of God, she had no idea Mitch Laurence was implanting her mind with future instructions to destroy Victoria Lord - who Mitch had raped! After the birth of Victoria's baby, Allison kidnapped the twins, ones Viki didn't know she had, then returned Jessica (who was Mitch's daughter) to Viki to grow up in a life of luxury while giving the other child (Clint's daughter) to Roxanne Balsom to raise.

It wasn't until years later when Allison befriended Natalie with the news about her real family in Llanview, P.A - and a plan to get her hands on some of the Buchanan fortune herself. Although Allison took pleasure in Natalie's plan to seek revenge on Viki and the whole Buchanan clan, the tables turned after everyone involved found out about her part in the switching of Viki's babies.

After Natalie quickly turned her back on Allison, Allison claimed insanity for her actions and was admitted to St. Ann's. Under the care of Rae Cummings, a friend of Viki's, Allison was able to convince her doctor that she was truly sorry for her actions and managed to get Rae to help her gain Viki's forgiveness! When Viki's husband Ben planned a visit to Allison, in hopes of trying to find out what was really up with this suspicious woman, he heard her talking of a plan to get Viki! Wanting to protect Viki, Ben pretended to be a St. Ann's patient and gained Allison's trust - and love!

However, in the end, Allison flipped out after finding out that Ben had deceived her and took her anger out on Viki! In an attempt to save Viki, Antonio Vega stormed in, took aim at Allison but shot Ben instead. With her heart broken, Allison was institutionalized where she remains. But that didn't hold her back... She came back to Llanview on January 25, 2008 to seek revenge on Jessica but ended up in a coma after falling from the Palace roof!

In February 2010, Allison returned to Llanview and went straight to Statesville to visit Mitch and promised to carry out his latest plan... However, after Mitch was arrested Allison disappeared.

Flings and Relationships

Mitch Laurence
Ben Davidson (Had a fatal attraction to Ben.)


Carl Peterson (brother)




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