Alex Olanov (as played by Tonja Walker on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Alex Olanov

* Blackmailed Nigel to give her St. Blazes.
* Attempted to drown Cassie Callison.
* Kidnapped Max's sister, Andy Harrison.
* Killed Carlo's brother, Mortimer Bern.
* Took the Cleopatra jewels from the Llanview Museum.

Who's played Alex Olanov over the years?

Tonja Walker (on and off from 1990 - 2007; January 2, 2009 - January 5, 2009; March 15 and 17, 2011; November 22, 2011)

Past History

First appearing in Llanview in 1990, Alex came to Bo's aid, as an FAB agent, in an attempt to help him locate his wife, who had been kidnapped by Carlo Hesser. However, though Sarah was actually being held in a government safe house, Alex made a deal with Carlo - to prevent Sarah from testifying against him, in exchange for information that Alex had been seeking. After Sarah was moved, her plane crashed and she was presumed dead, leading Bo to fall in love with Cassie Callison - and Alex to attempt to drown Cassie after she had fallen for Bo!

Placed in the Mountainview Clinic, Alex soon escaped, found Sarah, ruined Bo's wedding to Cassie with Sarah's appearance then was recommitted to the clinic. Once released, Alex hooked back up with Carlo then was left to run his mob business after he was presumed dead! Alex sought out Carlo's brother Mortimer Bern to impersonate Carlo, who later left town, leaving Alex to snag her next big fish - Asa Buchanan, who helped her become mayor of Llanview.

Upon Carlo's return, though married to Asa, Alex and Carlo continued their affair until Asa found out - and ruined her changes of marrying Carlo by proving she was faking a pregnancy. When Alex was blamed for Carlo's murder, Carlo returned and announced that he had been impersonating his brother! To get Alex back, years later, Asa found Alex as a stripper, convinced her he was in love with her then locked her away while he married Gabrielle Medina. Alex once again got out of her current jam then ended up blackmailing Asa into marriage - who, on paper, ended up being a janitor, Jeb Stuart, one of Asa's many aliases!

It wasn't until recently when Alex returned for Asa's real funeral in 2007, where she found out that David Vickers was Asa's long lost son. After convincing David that she was rich, Alex married him then was persuaded by Nigel to keep his paternity a secret in exchange for his ownership of the St. Blazes Resort. Alex quickly had her marriage to David annulled and left for the island.

In January 2009, Dorian Lord ran across Alex and found out that she had been behind her hit and run at Asa's reading of the will in Texas and threatened to sue her for the island. Alex then gave Dorian the information that David was the real Buchanan heir, in order to keep her island, and has been living there ever since.

Bo and Rex arrived in St. Blaze's to confront Alex on David's whereabouts. She denied knowing anything, even though they found David there in bed with two women, and fell prey to Bo's seductive charms. Bo pulled away before they slept together then Alex contacted Clint to report that their plan had already been set in motion.

Alex appeared again in November 2011 when Cutter found her in a plastic surgeon's office in Rio. He approached Alex, his mother, and tried to strangle her for leaving him as a child.

Flings and Relationships

Carlo Hesser (affair)
Ty Moody


Nat Olanov (father - deceased)


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