Adriana Cramer (as played by Melissa Fumero on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Adriana Cramer

* Adriana endured a pregnancy scare after she lost her virginity to River Carpenter.
* She became a model for Craze.
* She was almost raped and killed by a stalker, Bruce Bartlett, who had been hired by her mother Dorian Lord.
* She found love and security after falling in love with Rex Balsom.
* Started a business with Layla Williamson.
* Separated and divorced from Rex shortly after their wedding and left for Paris.

Who's played Adriana Cramer over the years?

Melissa Gallo (January 20, 2004 - June 11, 2008; September 18, 2008 - October 28, 2008; February 12, 2010 - March 2, 2010; November 9 - 10, 2010; January 25, 2011)
Amanda Cortinas (May 2003 - September 2003)

Past History

Since coming to Llanview in 2003, Adriana Cramer has evolved from a naive young girl who spent most of her youth in a Catholic school in Puerto Rico to a sassy, levelheaded aspiring clothing designer. In her early days in Llanview, Adriana was forced to face the cruel realities of life in the real world where she fell for the wrong guy a time or two.

Living with her Godmother, Carlotta Vega, Adriana was kept on a tight leash. From the first time she laid eyes on River Carpenter, Adriana fell head over heels in love. Although their parents didn't approve of their relationship, Adriana and River continued to meet behind closed doors. When Carlotta walked in on Adriana and River as they were about to make love, it was back to Puerto Rica for her! Not being able to stay away, River flew to Puerto Rico and brought Adriana back to Llanview where she belonged! The two gave in to temptation and made love for the first time. Their love soon faded when Adriana found River not able to resist the more mature Shannon McBain, and the two ended their relationship for good.

Adriana's biggest challenge was learning to deal with being the daughter of Dorian Lord. The suffocating mother that she is, Dorian almost killed Adriana when she hired a man to stalk her in order to break up Adriana's new relationship with Rex Balsom. Dorian's hired hand got greedy and kidnapped Adriana to make a quick buck. However, with the help of Rex, Dorian was able to find her daughter and witness Rex's love for her by saving Adriana from the crazed man. Almost getting Rex killed, along with herself, Adriana refuses to forgive her mother and thrives on doing anything to get revenge!

Regardless of the grueling ups and downs thrown her way, she has turned into a woman with a big heart. Adriana Cramer has proved that although she believes in giving second chances, repeated deception is something to be reckoned with!

However, after Rex's highschool sweetheart, Gigi, came to town with her son, Shane, Adriana's jealously kicked in, which snowballed out of control. Although she found out that Shane was really Rex's son, Adrian fought to keep the truth from him - and even married the man with hopes of doing so! In the end, Adriana's lies caught up with her, leaving Rex to think their marriage never had a prayer. Hoping some time away would heal the wounds, Adriana took off for Paris on a business trip, with no word on when she'd be back only to return when Rex was shot, and in a coma, to resume her role as his wife!

After Gigi was able to bring Rex out of his coma, Adriana realized how much he loved Gigi, gave him a divorce and returned to Paris to good. She visited Llanview a few times after and received visits from those she left behind as well.

Flings and Relationships

William Sloan River Carpenter
Duke Buchanan (deceased)


César Colón (adoptive father)
Ramona Colón (adoptive mother)
Manuel (Espinoza) Santi I (biological father)
Dorian_Lord (mother)
Augustico Santi (half-brother - deceased)
Sonia Toledo (half-sister by adoption)
Cassie Callison (half-sister)
Lou Cramer (grandfather - deceased)
Sonya Roskova (grandmother - deceased)
Carlotta_Vega (biological paternal aunt)
Melinda Cramer (aunt)
Addie Cramer (aunt)
Antonio_Vega (half-brother)
Cristian_Vega (cousin)
Paul Cramer (cousin - deceased)
Kelly_Cramer_Buchanan (cousin)
Blair_Cramer (biological maternal cousin)
Jamie Vega (biological paternal half-niece)
William Sloan Carpenter (biological maternal half-nephew - deceased)
William Sloan River Carpenter (biological maternal half-nephew - by adoption)
Kevin Buchanan Jr. (biological maternal first cousin - deceased)
Zane Buchanan (biological maternal first cousin)
Starr_Manning (biological maternal first cousin)
Brendan Thornhart (biological maternal first cousin - deceased)
Jack_Manning (biological maternal first cousin)




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