Daniel Manche (Tom on One Life To Live)

Current Character: Tom

Birthday: 1993-01-28

Birthplace: Born in Alabama

Marital Status: Single


As a youngster, Daniel Manche frequently began randomly signing when in public, which prompted his mother to send him to acting classes. He went on to appear in a handful of Primetime and film roles, but credits his favorite acting moment when he played J.J. Larrabeeon on As The World Turns, playing the air guitar and singing onset with castmate Mick Hazen (Parker Snyder).

When not acting, Daniel enjoys tennis, basketball, singing, dancing and happens to be a very talented artist!

Career Highlights

One Life to Live - Tom (October 22, 2009 - November 5, 2009)
As The World Turns - J.J. Larrabee (2006 - 2008)
I Sell The Dead - Young Arthur Blake (2008)
The Girl Next Door - David Moran (2007)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Sean Hamill (2005)


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