Billy Warlock (Ross Rayburn on One Life To Live)

Current Character: Ross Rayburn

Birthday: 1961-03-26

Birthplace: Born in Gardena, California, USA

Marital Status: Married Julie Pinson Saturday August 26th, 2006


Billy Warlock grew up in Southern California. His dream was to follow in his father's footsteps to become a stunt man. He has worked as a double for Robin Williams ("Mork and Mindy"), which led him to the part of Flip Phillips in the series "Happy Days." Warlock's Daytime career began in 1984 as Ricky Driscoll on "Capitol." He moved on to Days of Our Lives, where he portrayed Frankie Brady, which earned him an Emmy for Best Actor/Younger Leading Man in 1988. Warlock left Days of Our Lives for a year to work in other television series, such as "Baywatch" and has starred in other independent films, as well on the number one Daytime drama The Young and the Restless. In 2010 he played Anthony Blackthorn on As the World Turns before heading to Llanview.

Billy is married to fellow soap actor Julie Pinson. When he is not working, he enjoys swimming, reading and escaping to the ski slopes in Colorado.

Career Highlights

One Life to Live - Ross Rayburn (August 27, 2010 - October 7, 2010)
As the World Turns - Anthony Blackthorn (2010)
The Young and the Restless - Ben Hollander (2007 - 2008)
Days of Our Lives - Frankie Brady (1986 - 1988, 1990 - 1991,2005 - November 2006)
General Hospital - AJ Quartermaine (1997-2003, 2005)

Awards & Acclaim

Daytime Emmy Award Winner - Outstanding Younger Leading Man in a Drama Series (1988)
Daytime Emmy Nominee - Outstanding Younger Leading Man in a Drama Series (1987)


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