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A great injustice was done many years ago.

General Hospital has always been a show that plays fast and loose with the law. Granted, that can be said about much of daytime, but getting away with murder isn’t really a hobby in Port Charles, so much as a full-time job. Right, Sonny? But every once in a while, the judges in upstate New York, make an example out of a ne’er-do-ell and throw the book at them — usually for something that wasn’t even that terrible to begin with!

That’s what happened to poor Blackie almost 40 years ago, and that’s an injustice Kin Shriner wants to rectify! Actually, he wants Scotty to rectify it.

When one fan tweeted a photo of Shriner and pal John Stamos together from back in the ’80s, Scotty’s portrayer shared it, tweeting, “Time for Scotty to get Blackie Parrish out of jail. Can’t remember what he even did?”

Great idea! And luckily, the fans do remember. A number of them reminded Shriner that Blackie was sentenced to prison for manslaughter after his girlfriend, Lou’s, death.

The thing is, Blackie was only sentenced to two years — or, as one fan put it. “It’s been a veeeerrrryyyy long 2 yr sentence for manslaughter.”

But it hasn’t been as long as folks may think. Well, it has been awhile since we last saw Blackie, but he was released after he served his sentence. Back in 1987, a pal of his from prison, Dusty Walker, showed up in Port Charles and claimed Blackie had been set free the year before. He just never returned to town. Lucy, though, did claim at one Nurse’s Ball a few years back that he was supposed to perform, only for him to bail. And honestly, we can’t blame him.

So unless Shriner knows something we don’t about Scotty’s old pal going back to prison, he should be free to return to Port Charles at any time. And if he did, he could actually return with a case for Scotty to take up — expunging his record. In a town where folks regularly get away with murder, it seems pretty harsh that he was sent away for two years for something that really wasn’t his fault.

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Above: Poor Lou. Actually, poor Blackie, too.

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Blackie stole a song from a hotel bellboy and neither girlfriend Lou nor manager Steffi were happy about it. Steffi grabbed at the tape and Lou tried getting out of her way, only to fall, hit her head and die. A remorseful Blackie took the blame on himself.

But maybe he’s older and wiser now, and the whole incident and how he handled it still haunt him — hence why he hasn’t returned after all these years. Now he comes back to Port Charles to clear his name and needs Scotty’s help to do it, getting tangled up in all of today’s Port Charles drama in the process.

Well, we can dream right? Still you never know if he might turn up in Port Charles again some day!

Before you head out, since Shriner was the one who started this whole thing, why not take a gander at a gallery of Scotty’s life, from troublemaker to heartbreaker.