judi evans DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- “Day of Days” November 19th, 2021 Los Angeles, CA -- Pictured in this screengrab: Judi Evans -- (Photo by: NBC)
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Who knew that acting could be so hazardous to one’s health?

As if knowing that the answer would be a resounding yes, yes, a thousand times, yes, Days of Our Lives star Judi Evans (Bonnie) asked her Instagram followers over the weekend, “Who wants some behind-the-scenes stories?”

The Emmy winner, who after her initial run as Adrienne on her current soap played Paulina on Another World from 1991 until its cancellation in ’99, then offered up an anecdote from that show that almost left us seeing secondhand stars. In the scene that she shared — which you can watch below — “you’ll notice I jump back far when Tom [Eplin, Jake] approaches [Russell Todd as] Jamie to punch him.”

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There’s a very good reason for that, it turns out. And that reason is… ? “Well, on the first take, Tom accidentally clocked me and knocked me out cold,” Evans recalled. “Poor Tom — he felt so bad, I woke up to him crying over me, but it was a total accident!

“The blocking was a little tight on that Brooklyn set. I was OK,” she added, “but I decided to keep my distance the next time around!”

Wow. If Evans’ story has you feeling nostalgic about Another World, go ahead and indulge. Click here to see then-and-now photos of the much-missed soap’s cast or hit the photo gallery below to see pictures from its entire run.