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If her hope for her character came to pass, “you wouldn’t have a show,” she said.

Chatting with on the Daytime Emmys red carpet, Bold & Beautiful leading lady Krista Allen brilliantly feigned surprise over a question about Taylor being the odd woman out in her triangle with Ridge and Brooke. It’s not that Doc can’t quit him. “I don’t think Ridge can take his eyes off her,” deadpanned the actress, “so I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about.

“Maybe it’s him that’s the issue,” she added playfully, then accepted our challenge to slip into character and psychoanalyze the notorious playboy. “Obviously, there’s an avoidance [of] attachment personality thing going on… probably mommy issues… and abandonment [issues], so he stays with people who he knows aren’t probably going to be the best for him that will leave because it makes him feel safer.”

Brooke appeal to Ridge B&B

“Wait, Ridge… You’re saying she was talking about… me?”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

We thought that Allen was just getting warmed up. “Somehow he feels like maybe he can heal a part of his childhood if that person decides to be everything that they are… ” she continued before stopping in her tracks and admitting, “I’m just kidding.”

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Honestly, watching the video is like watching Allen’s smart, funny Twitter feed come to life. If the Days of Our Lives vet had her druthers for her on-screen alter ego, she’d have Taylor let it be known that she’s single and ready to mingle. Though probably not in those terms; that’s so Three’s Company. “I’d say get on Tinder and go get some action, whatever it is,” she advised the shrink. “But that’s not gonna happen, ‘cause then you wouldn’t have the show. So what we need right now is a triangle. We need Taylor to… cause some problems and maybe for things to be a little awkward and for Ridge to be very confused ’cause he’s such a waffler so he doesn’t know what to do.”

What will the women in his life be up to while he flips and flops? Watch the video to find out Allen’s mischievous idea. Then review photos of all the glamtastic stars on the Emmy red carpet in the gallery below.