Brian and Shay make up on BH90210
Credit: Image: Shane Harvey/FOX

Jason might not be the only one who strayed, while Brian’s stalker ups his game.

In the debut episode of BH90210, we learned that the show was a heightened reality of the actors playing themselves as they reunited to try to reboot their past show from the 90s, Beverly Hills, 90210. In last week’s episode, Tori got the idea to reboot 90210 in order to generate some much-needed income. This week, she has to get the cast to agree to it. Read’s recap of the latest BH90210 episode that features another familiar face, a new wrinkle in Jason’s marriage, and a creepy cliffhanger that threatens the entire cast.

The pitch

Tori and Jennie talk outside the courthouse on BH90210Fresh off a successful meeting with FOX about the reboot, Jennie and Tori join the others at the courthouse where fans and the paparazzi greet them. Upon meeting with the judge, the group is sentenced to 50 hours of community service for their antics in Vegas. There’s also a civil case pending, as the owner of the dress Tori stole is seeking $100,000 in compensation. He also wants the dress returned “unlaundered.” Everyone is suitably repulsed.

Ian Ziering as himself on BH90210After they leave the courtroom, Tori makes her reboot pitch to her unreceptive co-stars. The last thing Jason wants is to put on a Peach Pit uniform again. Ian declines because he’s getting a divorce and unless he can prove his wife has been unfaithful, she’ll get half of his new contract. Brian passes as he deadpans, “You know what’s sexy? A middle-aged white rapper.” He’s going to focus on movies instead. Gabrielle is pissed they’re at the courthouse in the first place because of Tori’s Vegas meltdown, so she’s definitely a no go.

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Tori makes it happen

Tori and Jennie pitch the reboot to the cast on BH90210Tori pesters everyone until they agree to sign on to the reboot, but they all have demands. Most obvious, Tori agrees to let Jason direct the pilot. As for Ian, he gets the proof he needs on his wife, which leaves him open to develop new businesses. He wants Tori to lend her name to a line of health and beauty products called NextGen by Ian and Tori. She doesn’t love the name but she needs Ian so she agrees. Gabrielle wants her character Andrea to question her sexuality. Tori loves the diversity angle. Brian agrees to the reboot after learning he was only offered a movie role because his wife agreed to record a song for the soundtrack. However, he demands equal partnership for everyone in all aspects. Done. Jennie’s ask is a role for her aspiring actress daughter, so she can watch out for and mentor her. Easy. As for Tori, she doesn’t have her own demand until Gabby suggests she make them all go to group therapy.

When the gang meets with FOX as a united front, they learn the executive overseeing the reboot will be none other than Christine Elise, a.k.a. Emily Valentine. As surprise spreads, Christine notes she loves their therapy idea. She encourages them to explore “your narcissism, your neuroses, your pathological self-absorption. Embrace it. It’s going to make great television.” Sounds like someone might have lingering issues with their time on the show, no?

On the home front

Brian Priestley as himself on bh90210 When Jason’s wife Camille gets a text at home, she runs outside to a man who says she can’t ignore his calls. Camille has nothing to say to him, but she has something he wants – her professional connections. “Do one thing for me and your little secret stays a secret,” he warns.

Meanwhile, in exchange for the actor he punched dropping his complaint against him, Jason guest stars on his superhero show. Jason’s character, of course, gets beaten up, but after their fight scene, the disgruntled actor gets in one last kick between Jason’s legs. Jason’s doctor later calls to tell him there’s no permanent damage, but he did discover a pre-existing fertility issue – conceiving is possible, but it would require serious medical intervention. As Jason processes this information, the man who threatened Camille arrives for a meeting with Jason. He’s writing the pilot for the reboot. Looks like Camille caved to the blackmail, but also… is her secret that Jason isn’t the father of her baby?

Gabrielle passing the fans on BH90210As for Gabrielle, something Jason says about the kicky actor working out his issues through his character gives her the idea for Andrea’s new path. It also leads to her broaching the subject about her own sexuality with her husband, who she clearly loves.

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Shannon saving the seals on BH90210Then there’s Brian and Shay. They have a fight about her meddling with his audition, which creepy stalker Zach films on his phone from outside their home. After Brian gets marital advice from his “secret best friend” Shannen Doherty, who is saving a seal while they chat on the phone, he finds Shay outside his gym. She apologizes for overstepping, but Brian knows she was just trying to help. Zach watches from his car, as Brian mentions he needs his agent to get him an assistant now that he’s doing the reboot.

The cliffhanger

Once home, where a board containing photos of Brian hangs, Zach fires off his resume to Brian’s talent agency – because it’s that easy to get a job in Hollywood. Not to mention, applying for the job before Brian can even ask for an assistant might be a tip-off – just sayin’. Regardless, after Zach hits send on his email, his screen saver is revealed to be a photo collage of the entire cast. In the meantime, a box is delivered to each cast member’s home containing a dismembered figurine of their 90210 character.

Are the disturbing dolls presents from Zach? Or is he a red herring? Share your theories on all of this week’s twists below!