Why the Soaps Should Address These Trying Times When They Go Back on Air

Daytime's been served an unusual opportunity to support and comfort its audience. Growing up, I looked to daytime television...

About 3 hours ago

General Hospital Poll: Should Nikolas Leave Ava So Spencer Will Forgive Him?

Viewers were left on a cliffhanger regarding Nikolas' priorities - family or money. In early May, Nikolas received a letter...

About 9 hours ago

General Hospital Fan Fiction: After Years of Burning Resentment, Monica Aggressively Confronts Carly Over AJ and Nelle

Monica goes off on Carly in an epic meltdown. This story is a work of fiction, intended to give soap fans an idea of how it...

About 9 hours ago

Why Sam and Brando Should Hook Up When General Hospital Returns

Old school soap potential. After having sex with Molly and offending Kristina regarding her cult days, Brando drew the ire of...

About 9 hours ago

Days of Our Lives Poll: Would You Rather See Sarah With Brady or Xander?

Is Xander Mr. Right and Brady Mr. Right now? Days of our Lives’ Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) is spending time with Brady...

About 9 hours ago

Young & Restless’ Robert Adamson Ripped Off Even After Precautions Taken

Just trying to get through each day with a bike ride. Young and Restless actor Robert Adamson (Noah Newman) took to Instagram...

About 16 hours ago

Spoiler Speculation: How Will John and Marlena Survive Orpheus’ Ticking Bomb?

Who will save the day? On Monday’s Days of our Lives, Marlena and Steve rescued John from Orpheus’ clutches. While Orpheus...

About 17 hours ago


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