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Wyatt is pathetic

He is playing a dangerous game why won’t he just stay away from Sally?


He’s just like her brother. I guess Bill taught both his boys well.


Wyatt is ruined. We have to thank Bell for taking a great guy and turning him into Liam 2.0. Felony Flo is Hope 2.0. You could easily interchange the annoying couples. They are one and the same. Clones of one another.


Can’t edit…should be his brother.

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The whole story line is terrible


And just a bland boring and pathetic. FLOATT = LOPE 2.0 :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


Because he believes Sally when she says she’s dying and he doesn’t want her to die alone. He wants her to spend her last month at his place rather than in her apartment alone. I don’t think that’s pathetic. But I do think he should call her Grams or CoCo whether Sally likes it or not. Let them spend her last month with Sally at Sally’s place.

I’m surprised Quinn hasn’t called them yet. Quinn’s more concerned with Shauna’s love life than Wyatt’s. When did her obsessive interference over Wyatt end?


Oh my goodness yes. These two couples are clones of one another. How can 2 separate couples be so sickening?


I agree with this, had he kept up a charade of him trying to be with Sally but hiding Flo, then I think he would have been pathetic. But he made it very clear to Sally that he could not be with her the way she wanted. In my opinion, they have been portraying Sally as being more pathetic (and I’m a Sally fan saying that).

I don’t like Flo, but I completely agreed with her about Sally emotionally blackmailing Wyatt. That’s not fair to Wyatt, just my opinion.

The only way I would say Wyatt is being pathetic is by being with Flo. He was so disgusted with Sally and dumped her for not telling him Thomas was going to make a move on Hope, he was so adamant about honesty, yet now he’s with the woman who actually posed as his niece’s birth mother and took a payment for her kidnapping.

Again, agreed. I’m all for minding your own business, but this is a life or death situation (or just death as far as Wyatt knows). Think of how Grams or CoCo would feel at her funeral knowing they missed out on precious moments with Sally.

I think it ended when Quinn got her way and Wyatt is with Flo, if he were actually with Sally she might still be obsessing. :woman_shrugging:


That’s the part I don’t like.Call her family.His intentions are admirable but not thought through.Especially after yesterday episode. Wyatt can’t be that naive that she’s ok with just being in the house with him while he go off and hang out with the woman that she feels destroyed her relationship with Wyatt.The whole sl stinks.


I’m not sure Quinn knows Sally’s living at Wyatt’s. Seems she would have had a few things to say about that. I have missed a couple episodes though.

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you definitely know this is soap time, hasn’t she been dying almost 2 months now or does it just seem like it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cause he’s already stirred the pot.
Bad choice on his part but he was trying to be kind. Sally is the deceiver which I’m really disappointed about.

Why even have this story? Flo is not all that she did wrong now the writers want us to forget her bad things No way Sally deserves better Wyatt go back to Flaaaag . Y’all go off to Paris and work


Felony Flo knows all about emotional blackmail. That’s how she managed to keep Zoe quiet when Zoe found out that Flo wasn’t the baby’s mother and Reese was the person who orchestrated the adoption. Felony Flo used emotional blackmail by telling Zoe over and over how Reese would go to jail, he would lose his medical license, wouldn’t be able to practise medicine again and Flo and Zoe would go to jail as accomplices. That’s why Felony Flo can recognise emotional blackmail, she excels at it. It was sheer dumb luck that Thomas appeared and suddenly Felony Flo can dump the whole entire mess on Thomas. Yeah she’s a freaking saint alright!


lol you don’t have to excel at anything to see that Sally’s bs is just pure emotional blackmail.
Plus as i remember it, Zoe was the one very vocal on Flo staying quiet. To the point of stalker behavior.

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That was later on after Flo had brain washed her. If you recall the episode with Zoe when she went to Reeses apartment and Flo was still there wearing pretty much nothing but a robe which came open. Zoe saw her and knew immediately that Flo hadn’t given birth in the last few weeks, put 2 and 2 together and was going straight to Hope. That’s when Felony Flo started with the threats and emotional blackmail. Felony Flo got Reese to threaten and bully Zoe into keeping quiet, that’s when he came clean about the gambling and they guys from Vegas who were in LA to kidnap, assault, threaten Zoe. She could have ended up dead herself. It was quite a while later when Zoe made everyone keep quiet. Zoe was protecting her father. Felony Flo was protecting her $50 grand


Oh I completely agree, I can’t stand Flo. Had they had her an accessory to a different crime, I could probably eventually get over it and maybe like her. But since she was an accessory to such a heinous crime, she’s trash to me and I’ll probably always look at her as a kidnapper.

But alas, she is still correct about Sally in my opinion. That’s not fair to Wyatt to put Sally’s “life” on his conscious. In my opinion that is pretty much the definition of emotional blackmail.

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Does anyone get the feeling that Sally will try and do something bad to Flo? The way she was
talking on Tuesday’s episode sounded ominous.

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Scooter, I will stop watching if they make Sally Spectra evil to redeem a criminal baby stealer who should be offscreen in jail. I know it’s just a soap, but the character of Flo along with wimpy Wyatt makes my blood boil. Now, Bell wants us to see through the eyes of Flo. Flo is nothing but a criminal, and Sally Spectra is a legacy character. I don’t know what he’s thinking…but, his storylines are driving me away. I could give a hoot about Felony Flo and silly Wyatt. They are filling in for Lope. We finally get a break from the annoying Lope, and we get Floatt. I am definitely frustrated!