WTH Eric

You couldn’t admit any of this to Quinn the day of the conversation? You know before you ran out for your pickleball appointment?

Carter wouldn’t have proposed to Paris if you had been honest that afternoon.


Exactly he could of said something before he left her and she wouldnt had been there to find out. She could of ran straight to carter at forester and put the wedding to and end. Eriic claim he know carter making a mistake and quinn loves him. But was gonna wait til after the wedding to tell quinn. That dont seem right. I felt for quinn today cuz she was really trying to make it work and he ddnt give a crap.


That’s why I want everything to blow up in his face. I hope that he won’t be able to perform with Donna after this. And he is miserable and realize he made a mistake but it’s too late Quinn is happy with Carter.

But with Bell jr he most likely will have Eric and Donna happy and Quinn and Carter having problems.


Several days ago, I started a thread about Eric waiting for Carter to move on before telling Quinn it was over between them because he wanted to punish Quinn and by waiting until Carter moved on, he would have put Quinn in a position of being alone. He only said everything today because he got caught by not only Quinn but his daughter as well.


What, that’s way too easy. And miss all the soapy goodness. I can see Carter cheating on Paris with Quinn. :smile::grinning::upside_down_face:

Eric and Donna are selfish and disgusting. They should both be vilified. Horrible, nasty people.