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Writers Really

Sally’s storyline is not cool at all writers are you really out to lunch :thinking: Team Sally and Wyatt all the way. Flo can float somewhere in vegas with bill and shauna


It is obvious that Baby Bell changed the s/l. He has done it before.


Bell and his writers are trying so hard to make Felony Flo into Hope Logan 2.0. It’s sickening, and it makes me furious. While Hope is off screen, Flo is the new Hope. Who in the world would empathize with a woman who participated with a plot to steal a newborn?
We are now supposed to embrace the viewpoints of a criminal and see the story unfold in Flo’s eyes? NEVER. Are you kidding me?

I’m Team Sally all the way. I cannot stand the couple of Felony Flo and the silly Wyatt. This couple needs to move permanent back to Vegas. I would not miss this couple.


So its flos fault shes being used to propwatie who we hardly saw?
Sally has the nerve to say flo went after her and her relationship when flo was minding her own business left town returned and whatt ran to her because sally wasnot giving him any attention
The same hypocrite sally who came to town and targetted steffy and kept bad mouthing steffy to her husband whom sally wanted
Flo maybe a baby thief but i aint team sally on this

I like the storyline. There is no drama with Flatt or Wally happy. This is great drama and so much better than Sally dying.


I hate that they villanized another non Logan character. Sally was so much better when she showed growth. I like to see growth on shows. I hated desperate Sally when they first brought her to the show. I don’t like desperate Sally now.

I like Flo too. She has a good heart. Until she goes back to doing wrong and continuing to do wrong, then I won’t like her anymore.


I also could not possibly care less about either Felony Flo or Wyatt. I keep hoping Sally will snap out of this nonsense and story will move forward from there.


I agree, I think this whole storyline is making Sally look ridiculous. Wyatt was the one who dropped her like a hot potato when she didn’t tell him about Thomas’ plan to get Hope. Wyatt was the one standing on his high horse preaching how he wanted someone honest then went with the baby snatcher. She should be blaming Wyatt, not Flo.

Personally if I were Sally I wouldn’t want someone who dropped me so quickly. In my opinion, especially after today’s episode, I think Sally looked pathetic. I will never root for Flo, but with this storyline I’m team no one.


Its a poor written storyline
Sally coming for flo when it was wyatt u went after her

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Personally I have never cared for Wyatt. He’s every bit as much of a wimp as his brother Liam is. He was more than happy to take his brother’s exes for years. When he finally got together with Sally it was quite refreshing and I actually liked the two of them together.
Then Bell had to bring Felony Flo onto the scene to wiggle her butt in her short shorts and skin tight clothing and once again wimpy Wyatt, who has the attention span of a gnat, went chasing after her. Like Steffy, Sally deserves so much better than a Spencer spawn.


I completely agree with you. Sally Spectra is strong, resilient and proud. There is no way in the world she would pull a stunt like this just to hold on to Wyatt the Waffling Weasel. She would have kicked him to the curb when he came crawling back to her after the Baby Beth / Felony Flo reveal. The writers are throwing this interesting and dynamic character under the bus just to prop up the disgusting Felony Flo Fulton / Logan. Completely out of character for Sally. The writers suck #WritersYouSuck


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i just love reading that bit about FLO telling WYATT it was emotional blackmail, is this not what she and Reese used to keep ZOE quiet about the the baby stealing scam at the very start?

then there is the question what if the doctor had not told Wyatt Sally was dying, oh that right he would be snuggling up to sally right now promising her the world!

WAS this not what Flo and Wyatt decided on in the very beginning? more proof FLO is still the same old scammer!

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Completely agree. The writers can try their best to canonise Felony Flo, she can donate every spare body part she has but she is still a criminal, a liar who sold another woman’s baby and she should be in prison. Felony Flo and Wyatt the Waffling Weasel are about as exciting as watching paint dry. FLOATT can be compared to LOPE, they are both bland dumb and boring, and can’t survive without being propped up by more interesting characters #TeamSally #WyattSucks #FloSucks


I hated her too at first, she dressed like a clown and acted like a clown, the stunts she pulled were despicable and that ‘Bucko’ every 2 seconds was beyond annoying. But she calmed down, started dressing and acting human, dropped the ‘Bucko’ and showed growth and talent. I’ve really liked her recently especially when she did the Intimates line with Steffy, that was great, plus I love CH, she’s so sparky and beautiful :heart_eyes:


I love Courtney Hope too. I’ve loved seeing her more on BB. I wish Bell could see that Sally Spectra is the heroine, not the evil baby stealing Felony Flo, clone of Hope Logan.


This show is ridiculous. Wyatt and Liam like to share their women. The Forrester men like to share women.
End Bridge. Get rid of The Fulton floosies. Give Steffy her own man. Get Brooke her own lab and back into Steam. Math and Science that is. Get fsshion back into this show again. Send Katie and Will away. All of us could write the show better than these writers are.


Isn’t she though? :heart: I love CH. Great actress. Such a beauty and she seems like a sweetheart.

I loved when Sally and Steffy worked on the Intimates line. I loved their friendship. Today it was so heartwarming to hear of the way Steffy was talking so nicely about her. This is the part I hate, that Sally is lying to Steffy.


I despise what they are doing to Sally Spectra to uplift a newborn stealing criminal. Now Bell wants us to empathize with a “sweet criminal.” This makes me furious.

Let Lope and Flyatt have their happy endings and go offscreen.

We would be able to enjoy so many BB characters that have been backburnered.

I don’t care to see any more Lope or Flyatt because we all know that whatever happens these two couples will come out on top. They always do. So, relieve the audience of having to watch 3 months of episodes to watch them come out on top for the umpteenth time. It gets so old!!!


Ill take flo over sally any day

I loved that the writers had matured Sally and showed growth. Now this? WTF is this? She would not be this desperate. This is beyond lame!

I am in the minority. I like Flo. She is not a real Logan in my eyes…yet. LOL. Brooke and Hope still despise her. LOL. Once she starts cackling and acting like the rest of the coven, then I will despise her. I think she has a good heart, but I am reserving the right to hate her in the future :joy::joy::joy:

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