WOW Sonny is really a King Pin

He lost his memory and came back more ruthless than he ever was as the head Mob boss of Port Charles. He was never so hard, even when Jason was his hit man. He was a stone cold killer when he worked for Frank Smith. This is so exciting…Go Head Sonny, Be the BOSS!!!


And evidently he’s borrowing one of Ms Wu’s guys to do his dirty work. That’s priceless…


That’s what I thought. So I wonder if he’ll be in debt to her or if this guy freelances his work.

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I don’t think he’ll be in debt to her. I think as the remaining two families (I think they’re the only two left), they do favors for each other.
She is the one that saved Carly and Jason from having their limo blown up on their wedding night. He is the one that got Brad out on parole. They sort of work together when they need to.
Curtis on the other hand, not on the same level. He is most definitely indebted to her and they both know it.