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With DOOL on hiatus

Are you going to check out any of the other 3 shows if you don’t already watch them?

Days has been all over the place so I’m undecided about continuing after the break? This gives me the opportunity to shop around and consider another option!

How about you guys?

Yes I watch the other gh been pretty good lately :sunglasses:


I agree! So good :blush:


I’m not sure if I would check out the other soaps but I can honestly say I really won’t miss Days like I used to. I have watched from the beginning and years ago when Days would be preempted I would be devastated. Now I don’t really care since the show has been so bad. This sure isn’t the show I used to love. These writers have ruined it. I will continue to DVR it and try to watch as much as I can and ff through the crap but certainly not with the same enthusiasm I had in the past.

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I watch B&B and complain constantly about it. Days is much better than that show, imo. I won’t be tuning in to the other soaps. As much as I’ll miss Days, this extra time frees me up to do more things unrelated to sitting and viewing a show. (I watch B&B during lunch)

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I would recommend:

#1 - General Hospital
#2 - Young and Restless
Bold and Beautiful I will only recommend not to watch. It’s horrible.


I don’t watch GH, but I do watch YR and BB. YR isn’t too bad right now. They’ve got some somewhat interesting storylines. So it keeps my attention.

BB is like a train wreck. It’s like you can’t stop watching cause it’s so bad, LOL. The dialogue is juvenile and amateurish. Why the heck do I watch it? I dunno, maybe I like train wrecks? hoping it might get better?

I agree with you about Y&R & B&B! I would recommend checking out GH it is really good :blush:


This is to everyone. Let’s not forget each other. We are all so fun & different & interesting.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I also have watched GH almost since the beginning. I used to watch All My Children and Another World as well but now I am only down to two. GH and Days. I have watched Y&R and B&B off and on but the storylines on these seem to drag out forever. I think I am going to spend my break from Days rewatching old All my Children favorite storylines on YouTube.


I’ve been hoping it might get better for over a decade. I’ve given up because it’s gotten so much worse.

Nope. We’re die hard Days fans… we’re sticking around.

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I will never abandon Days no matter how mad I get at the writers. Every time they change writers it is always a disaster for awhile. I have threatened over the years many times to quit watching, however, I always go back. I have been watching almost the entire time it has been on the air. I am 73 and started watching when I was a round 11 or so. My mom watched and I stayed with her when she was sick and watched with her. But I don’t like when they break every one up all the time. I miss all the older actors. Where are they and when are they returning? Why have they written them out of the show? I am looking forward to watching the new spin off.


I"ve watched from the beginning, although at the time it began I was young. I’m 66 now. I watched with my grandma, and us kids had to be quiet while mawmaw watched her stories. I will continue watching, no matter how bad it gets, until the end.

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GH is a much better soap than those two put together!

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I feel the same way. I started watching with my mom when I was in the 4th grade; I’m 53 now. My first memory is when Samantha put Marlena in an institution and switched placed with her. I miss all the older actors as well. I was also a diehard fan of Another World. I’m still holding out hope that Kristian Alfonso comes back as Hope. Looking forward to seeing Maggie.

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IIRC, Don Craig was the only one who could the difference between Samantha and Marlena. Sort of like Anna is the only one who can tell the difference between Andre and Tony.

I LOVED Another World. Actually, I liked it better than Days, but it was tough call !!

Yes! Just like Jake was the only one who could tell the difference between Vicky and Marley. I do remember Don Craig and his daughter Donna.

Ahhh yes, Donna. Played by the wonderful Tracey Bregman, who went on to wonderful things on Y&R.