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Wish we’d see more of Leo

I really loved him on the April Fools Day episode. He’s a refreshingly fun OTT character who isn’t confined to a defined common character personality. He can act outrageously, speak without a filter, openly flirt/come on to any man, etc. Similar to past characters like Eugene, Calliope, & Susan, it’s a comedic element that DAYS has historically used in their cast of characters & I, for one, really enjoy those breaks in the drama. And, darn, he rocked that suit! I know a trans that I wish I could get it for. S/he would love it. Reminded me of the crazy prints we wore back in the 60-70’s. I thought my grandmother was so cool (groovey) when she wore them. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sadly, with Wilson leaving & Leo not being Johns, I’m not sure how they would bring him back & what they would do with him. I really wish he’d proven to be John’s. I’d welcome a rewrite finding him to be John’s, after all. Plus DAYS writers could show us they can write storylines for gay characters that aren’t just about romance trials & tribulations. Bring Back Leo! Please & Thank you.


Thought it was just a prop for anti people who are probably totally disgusted by the whole idea of a suit designed with those thoughts in mind…when you think about it…that was one u g l y suit

I wanted him to be John’s also. Leo is such a better character than Kevin (Y&R) is now.


@LifelongDaysFan I completely agree!
He is a refreshing bundle of joy and energy!
I love his character and I also loved that suit on him!
I’d go for a rewrite and make him Johns son.
We don’t need Wilson for him to be in Salem. Though I’m sad they are leaving. Would love a Wilson mystery where they work together to solve something. Rather the same ole stale, tear them apart and put them back together.


I guess it was nostalgia coming from the hippie generation. Not sure anyone else could have pulled it off - but Leo rocked it imo. Cheerful. upbeat, & funny as all get out. Remember, this is Salem - not RL. :joy:


I like Leo’s character. GR does off the wall comedy but also can do great dramatic work. He would fit well into Salem as a multi-layered character. Being John’s son would be ok but not necessary, just like he doesn’t have to be tied to Wilson anymore.


Yes, bring back Leo for Brady and Xander! Just imagine he fighting for Brady from Kristen, lol!!! :crazy_face:

Oh he’d be a dead man if fought Kristen for Brady lol.