Will Will?

I have a feeling that with all this talk about Will, something is gonna happen to Sheila and Will will be the cause of it.

I’m not sure how old the writers will make him, but if he’s any older than 12, it won’t fly.

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He was at least 16 yrs old the last time we saw him.

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However old he is, he is old enough to tell the family “stuff you all, I am going skiing for Christmas, a much better option “
He would be coming home if he were my kid…same as RJ


Well you know what they say, where there’s a Will there’s a way :grinning:

Somebody’s got to put an end to Sheila, please just make it soon, whoever is responsible for getting rid of her.


No. He was like 10-11.

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Really? Don’t believe a 10-11 year old will be driving a car and having a girlfriend name Coco.

Same here. Or going to see him.

I believe you are thinking of RJ, not Will.

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Could be.

Must be Brooke and Ridge’s son RJ you’re thinking about.

Coco was Sally’s sister’s name and RJ’s girlfriend.

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Yes it was.

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