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Will this be the end of Brooke and Ridge?

If Ridge gets together with Justin and goes after Bill, will Brooke betray Ridge yet again and go and warn Bill - probably pretending she’s doing it for Katie.
If she does, it would be perfect for Quinn to see her meeting Bill, say at lunch. Quinn could be seated behind some ferns but hear them and know immediately who it is, she could then secretly film what she’s up to on her phone as she tells Bill everything, and also telling him-once again - that she will always care for/love him.
Quinn would then take the evidence to Ridge, Eric, Steffy, Hope and Thomas at one of their meetings (with Brooke and Katie there), so they can all hear her telling Bill exactly what Ridge is doing.
I would really love to see the drama unfold after that! I would lay odds it would be the highest B&B’s ratings would be in months!


I think that would be wonderful, but Brooke will cry her one tear and with8n a week, will be forgiven, especially if Donna has her claws into numbnuts Eric by then.


Oh I think we can all hear the whine - “but RIIIIIDDDGGGGEEEEEE, it wasn’t like that,” as her fake squinty one eyed crying starts! Then Katie would stand up and say -“It never is with you, is it!”


Actually, given that Brooke is now blatantly after Steffi’s position, this scenario is looking more and more possible. If she see’s Justin and learns what’s going on, she couldn’t help herself, she’d run to Bill and blab immediately, thus setting up Ridge to feel betrayed, and since he want’s a “break” for a while, it could lead to their separation/divorce. I just want Quinn to supply Ridge with the proof of yet another of her betrayals - Please. please, please!


I was ready to punch ridge today, when talking to Eric about the contribution Brooke has made to the company…I am thinking ridge will go along with this stuff with Brooke taking steffys job…
That will be the finish for me I thi k, although I say that often….lol


I think I’ve seen you say that at least a dozen times since I’ve been here. :sweat_smile:

I don’t think you’re going anywhere - and I wouldn’t want you to!

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:rofl::rofl::rofl:. You think that many???

You just feel sorry for me because I am in lockdown and you are not…

Im still trying to think of what she contributed over the last 25 years?
Combined with the ignorance of just booting out Quinn, does not make them look good.


Probably introduced them to a savage case of crabs :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I do feel sorry for you!

We’ve been so lucky in Tassie. And we only moved down just before covid started, so it was like divine intervention. I glue a lot of friends and family in Melbourne though - they are pretty despondent about lockdown 5.0.

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Tassie sounds like a good place to be…but in Sydney, we have not had it as bad as melbourne until now.
The arguing between the state leaders and federal ministers makes me sad.
I wonder if we will ever be a United australia again like we used to be.

I might think of moving to tassie but it would be too cold for me…lol
Where I am is fine for the moment, but we had demonstrations in the city and Melbourne did also…
What is it they say….no brain no pain…no sense no feeling….they will feel it for sure if they get sick……idiots….


Just out of curiosity, how are immunizations going in Australia? I’ve seen all the reports of lockdowns etc, but not much on how many folks are lining up for the vaccine?

We basically have no Vaccine over here. I’m due for my second Pfizer next week-I was lucky and got in when a shipment arrived, but our idiot of a Prime Minister didn’t order enough, he put it all on AZ and with the clotting problems people are now scared of it and want Pfizer when there is hardly any and what he had to order was only starting to trickle in -no-one from the government had bothered to even pick up the damn phone and speak to Pfizer directors :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Thanks to an ex-pm who actually called Pfizer at some business leaders request, we now have some of what the fool PM had to order coming in quicker, but it’s still no-where near enough to meet the demand.
My 91 year old mother has her 2nd AZ jab in 2 weeks (and she got in as soon as she was eligible -1B ) that’s how crappy this “roll out” has been.


They’re lining up, but our Prime Minister has bungled the vaccine rollout. He didn’t acquire enough stocks of the Pfizer vaccine before it became the recommended vaccine for the majority of the population. Now there’s a scare campaign going on regarding Astra Zeneca, so a lot of people are bypassing that - even though the federal government has indemnified any doctor who administers it, should their patients have any adverse reaction to it. We have a pretty strong anti-vax sentiment going on in a segment of the population - mostly people in the 20-30 age bracket. Basically our vaccine rollout is 3-4 months behind because of poor management. at present it’s only around 13% who are fully vaccinated. We aren’t likely to get a big jump until September, which is when the bulk order of Pfizer is arriving.


Thanks for both of your replies @Takenagain and @AndyOz

I saw footage today of really angry anti-lockdown protesters, I believe it was in Melbourne & Sydney. I’m sure everyone over there is just as sick of the whole mess as we are here in the US.


Both takenagain and Andy’s are right…

Things weren’t too bad as they thought they had enough Pfizer to vaccinate people under 40, and the astra- zeneca for everyone else…
Then they decided anyone under 50 should not have the astra-zeneca because it was not safe…then they decided people under 60 should not have the astra-zeneca, so everyone was lining up for Pfizer, of which there is none….
Now the government in their wisdom is suggesting peop,e over 18 should get astra-zeneca…I don’t know about anyone else, but ifi was 18 I wouldn’t…they are idiots like politicians world over…
I took me a few weeks to find somewhere to get the vaccine, astra-zeneca because I am well over 60, and I get my first dose next Friday…
The sad thing is we did really well in the beginning and except for Melbourne we pretty. Much lived quite normally except for overseas travel…
We were told it was not a race and not necessary to rush into it…
Some states have some vaccines and some don’t, and they won’t share, and that is so u like our country…
It is very sad….

A lot of the protestors consisted of right wing religious extremists with placards saying that the blood of jesus is all the protection they need, and right wing Q-anon extremists carrying placards saying that Vacs kill and that there is no such thing as Covid, etc, etc. Some were even screaming for Trump - those screamers seemed to be the ones that were attacking police horses, punching them in the head, trying to kick their legs and trying to belt them with poles, throwing bottles and smashing them on the ground trying to hurt them. I am utterly FURIOUS over that, actually, furious doesn’t even begin to describe my anger at these cowards trying to hurt innocent animals!
I am just so disappointed there are so many selfish, self involved people put that are so willing to put their WANTS ahead of the good of the entire community, the behavior yesterdays was both utterly shameful and completely Un-Australian -I.M.O. :cry:


Thank you very much for this reply and I’m happy you have found a vaccine. I’m fully vaxxed and have been since March. I got the Moderna shot, that was all that the pharmacy offered. Some of my friends have taken the Pfizer and some the J&J. Now I’m nervous about this Delta Variant and that cases are exploding again.

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I hope we don’t get scolded for talking vaccine in this thread… :thinking:

My daughter lives in Brisbane, but she’s early 30’s and not yet eligible for the shots. She has mentioned the disastrous roll-out and when I realized you all were from Australia I jumped at the chance to get your take on it all. It’s been so difficult not being able to go see her and her young family.

The extremists you mentioned sound about like the crew that attacked the capitol on Jan 6. :rage:

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Fully vaccinated people are getting the delta strain but not as bad as would if not vaccinated.
60% of people in the UK are vaccinated and they are still getting 50,000 new cases a day, but they have opened up.
I thi k we are stuck for a long time and I can only hope that they are still doing research to find a more efficient vaccine to rid the worl of this crap……
My selfish reasoning is I was going for my last overseas trip (to the states) in 2020 but of course couldn’t go…
I more than likely have been overseas for the last time already…🥲🥲🥲🥲