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Will Nina Turn Mentally Unstable

Just a thought here - what if Nelle is Nina’s daughter & is really dead? If Nina finds out that Nelle was her daughter, that could cause her to go over the deep end & become mentally ill again. This whole burial thing to me is weird. I can see her going after Carly & anyone that “hurt” Nelle.

Think she’s dead wrong about no one giving Nelle a break. Carly did, as did Michael. Joss did also. Nelle held a grudge against Carly for a non-existent reason. Carly was not her sister, in fact was no relation to her. She only saw Carly once & became fixated on her.

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I don’t dig new nina at all…I can’t see valentine carrying a torch fir this nina…

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I would like to watch a Storyline where Nina actually goes after Carly…and where there is no interference from Jason…like none whatsoever…(◠‿・)—☆✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧(◠‿◕)

That’s funny :laughing:. It’d be amazing if it was ONLY Jason who intervened but Nina will have Sonny & Jax & various others to get through to get to Carly. At least Nina can count on Val to always be on her side.

Of course, Carly really did nothing wrong but I still feel for Nina, I love the character.

Of course…Carly did nothing wrong where Nelle is concerned…but Come on…the Drama of it would be Spectacular…:wink::relieved::grin::grin:

Oh I agree & I am 99.9999% sure that is exactly where the story is going & I am ready for that delicious soapy drama.

I just want Nina to have a living child. If Nelle is alive, they have to figure out a way to at least partially redeem her & I have no idea how the can do that, especially after slitting Brook Lynn’s throat. Another idea is that Nina also goes after a Wiley & vigorously works at preventing Willow from adopting him & they end up hating each other as they did before & Willow ends up being Nelle’s twin as others have surmised. Personally, I would love both scenarios. Willow would be much more interesting with a twin sister she despises.

Maybe the Writers will surprise us all…and Nina will be able to get the Child that She has always wished for but never had the chance to raise him/herself…

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Truly speaking…aside from making light of the Drama between those Two Ladies…

I am actually Happy that Nina has made great Strides in getting her life together…So whatever drama she ends up creating…I hope it won’t send her spiralling out of control where she will be forced to be admitted at Shady Brooks or the like…:clinking_glasses::yellow_heart:

Especially if this latest clue doesn’t pan out I could see Nina having some sort of episode. Nina has chosen Nelle as the focus of all her guilt over not being able to raise her own child. This is why she is going to such great lengths to give Nelle a good burial. If in fact Nelle is her real daughter that guilt will be tripled because she will know how being without a mother affected Nelle. If she finds that the child is dead or that it is someone that she can’t find that will affect her as well. If that turns out to be the case I could see Nina beginning to resent Valentine and Sasha because she thinks so much time was wasted when she could have been seeking her child. The seed has been planted that Jax will always put Carly first so she will begin to doubt him. All of these thoughts swirling around in her head might cause some sort of breakdown.


I think the Given (if there ever really is one, in Soap world) is that Nelle is dead…and that Nelle is Nina’s daughter. That is the norm…the given…there could be a weird surprise in the future…who knows how writers think and what liberties they take. But, for now (at least), Nina is Nelle’s mother, and Nelle is dead. And the story will be how Nina handles this when she finds out she was her daughter (the 1st step is when Avery exposes the 1/2 necklace she now has, and says where she found it)

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I can’t stand this nina

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Of course shes gonna snap
Especially when jax takes carly side and tells her nelle was evil

I hope not because I am still not believing that Nelle is her daughter because she wouldn’t be still looking for her at all unless she was alive

Me either…I LOVED the real Nina…Come back!!