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Why Is Sasha Keeping Up With This Lie?

She had every opportunity to tell Willow the truth today but she didn’t. Chase had the opportunity to tell Michael the truth as well. So Chase and Sasha deserve to watch Michael and Willow live “happily ever after” !! Storyline is just dumb!!


I hate the storyline! The gig should be up and the truth be told. I’m sure TPTB will continue to push Millow as the new super couple but they are just a bore to me. Love Chase And hope he gets a great storyline!


The scene with Sasha & Willow today looked like both Sasha AND Willow were about to tell their TRUE feelings! Also looked like Chase was just about to tell Michael the truth, too! I don’t think it’s going to be much longer before at least ONE of the 4 blurts out the truth! :laughing:

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I was hoping Sasha was high enough or drunk enough to tell Willow the truth. :confounded:


Me too! Nelle is dead so the pretense can now stop! It’s getting ridiculous at this point

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Speaking of high, how is it that Willow didn’t see the drugs when they fell out of Sasha’s purse?


Perhaps she did and that is why she asked Sasha to join her for a glass of wine. Maybe she’s observing Sasha to see if she can detect something is off with her.

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Neither Chase nor Sasha have the courage to tell the truth. I’m not even sure that at this point it would make any difference to Willow or Michael. Perhaps right after it happened Michael & Willow would have understood but now I’m not sure. From the standpoints of Michael & Willow a confession would sound something like this: *"We know that you two are our best friends and lovers with whom we wanted to share the rest of our lives. But you stood silently by and let us enter into a loveless marriage while adjusting our entire lives. On top of that you have continued to lie to us at every turn. Your intentions may have been the best but you had no right to play God with our lives! Relationship are built on trust and you didn’t trust us enough to let us make our own decisions".

The ship of confession has sailed and I feel for both Chase & Sasha but they made their own bed.


She might not have to at all since Willow and Micheal are calling it quits

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May not make a difference now but it should have some merit that Chase and Sasha did a selfless act so that Michael could have Wiley. They did not actually cheat on either one and both still love Michael and Willow respectively. Was it an ill advised plan? Absolutely but it worked and now they have to live with it that’s more than enough punishment!

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I completely agree!

I wholeheartedly agree. Micheal and Willow need to also stop dancing around one another and admit they have feelings. They can build and grow from there but sheesh, lets stop all the pretending!! Tbh I don’t even have faith in soap couples anymore, they never last!

Sasha will be gone soon, I hope.

I actually thought she had. She looked down at them. Guess it was a fake-out on us.:confused:

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Actually I think it would still make a difference since Michael & Willow are getting an anullment. I figure that either Chase or Sasha will tell them right after Michael & Willow sleep together so that Willow can become pregnant & stay with Michael. I have hated this s/l since it first started & will continue to do so. Eventually I will hate Willow too.

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Do tell…:thinking::thinking:

It just seems like the writers aren’t doing much with her. She just looks a mess!!

She is supposed to look a mess…She is all drugged out. And I think that since Deception is an Epic failure…she would be better off working at the Metro Court where others could easily spot her and get her some help. I really get mad at Writers sometimes…because there are plenty of Storyline potentials for people with problems like hers and I am not even her loyal fan…if anything I am indifferent about her but she does deserve Help…desperately…at an earliest…

I feel the same way. They’re just not utilizing her at this time. It just seems like she will be leaving PC. Deception is going under perhaps, and now Sasha is not with Michael. What else does she have left? Oh yeah, her habit!:rofl:

I hear what you are saying…

But I think that they could pair her with Brando…since he is been getting to be front and centre lately on the Show. He once had a drug addiction…He could help her out…and together they could run down Cyrus’s Business…and make Port Charles Drugless…